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December 2006


I am a grouchy Mom.  That does not mean that I don't love my kids, or that I don't want to be a Mom, or that I'm always grouchy.  It just means that sometimes I'm grouchy, and sometimes it's because of Mom stuff.  So.  Really I just want to be able to blow off a little parental steam now and then, and this seemed the most attractive option at the moment.  I welcome comments from other grouchy-at-the-moment moms, since I figure we can all use some adult interaction from time to time. 

Today my grouch is my oldest son, who is smart and funny and really a pretty neat kid, but doesn't like going to school.  Yes, that's pretty normal for a kid, and he does have some reason (long story, details later) but I'm getting a little exasperated with the constant angst and drama here.  Plus, whenever he's worried about something, he doesn't eat, which started when my dad died and has now become a (mostly) unconscious reaction to stress for him.  So we not only have to force him to go to school, we have to force him to eat before he goes to school so he doesn't get all sick and shaky once he's there.  And we're living in Germany right now, a culture which is not known for its extreme sensitivity or empathy, so when he's having a rough day at school he pretty much gets told to suck it up and keep going.  Granted that really is what he needs to do, but there's more than one way to skin a cat, as my dad used to say.  This whole situation is frustrating - and worrisome, because the kid's scrawny to begin with, and he sure as heck does NOT need to be cutting down on his food!  AAAaaaaarrrrrrrrgh.....anyway, there's my grouch for today.  Plenty more where that came from!  Fortunately I really do love the little squirts, so there may be some funnies to go with the grouches along the way.  Hug your kids and remember, they're going to pick your nursing home!