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Local color

    When we were still living in the States, I was a frequent visitor at all the local arts and crafts stores, bead shops, yarn name it, I was there.  Part of the reason for that is that I'm a craft junky: I've dabbled in more different "artsy" things than I care to enumerate here, and I had the stash to prove it.  But part of the reason was even more basic; color.  I love it.  Walking into a bead shop or yarn store and seeing all the color laid out, the depth and richness and sparkle of it all....sigh.  It's a beautiful thing, and I miss it.  As I've gotten older I've learned that I need to be creative; if I don't have some sort of project going, I tend to feel lost.  So I'm having to work a little harder to feed that need here, because the resources are considerably fewer than they were in the States.
    I found a yarn shop here in Buhl and I've been giving them donations on a fairly regular basis, which is helpful.  (To them as well, I'm sure!)  I like to knit, although I rarely seem to finish anything, but the process is enjoyable.  A week or so ago I finally located a bead shop about an hour away, which was fun.  (I still remember walking into my first-ever bead store and almost hyperventilating, I was so overwhelmed.  Good times.)  I've got bright colors all through my house, including deep violet living room furniture, which greatly perplexes my mother and sister; they can't quite picture that.  And I've even been dabbling in acrylic painting, because I couldn't find anything I liked for my kitchen walls that wasn't ridiculously expensive.  So I'm fairly happy with my color intake.  The big problem right now is that, since we've been here, I've been in sort of an emotional fog that seems to drain me of any urge to do anything other than sit in front of the computer and drink coffee.  So I have yarn, and beads, and paint, but no motivation.  I'll work on something for a little bit and then wander off and get another cup of coffee.  My beads are pouting because they've been so ignored, and I have partially-finished knitting projects strewn all over the house.  What to do?
    Well, while parked in front of the computer the other day (again) I found something that sounded intriguing in a knitting blog I was reading.  It mentioned something called "Project Spectrum".  Curious, I looked it up and discovered that it's an ongoing create-along with the purpose of exploring color, in whatever media you choose.  If you go here: Lolly Knitting Around , you'll find a complete explanation and sign-up information.  I decided to join for two reasons: one, anything that involves color and creativity rings my bell; and two, knowing that I've signed up for something (even if they aren't going to actually "police" the participants) means I'm much more likely to actually finish some projects.  So, as I come up with and complete projects, I'll try to post pics here.  Maybe someone else can use a little color too.