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    I have a small problem - nothing major, no life-or-death issues here, just a question in my mind.  When we bought our house, part of the deal was the previous owner's garden tractor, complete with mowing deck, snow and grading blades, etc.  It's a Craftsman, good quality tractor, cuts nicely, blah blah blah.  My problem is this: for a (fairly) small tractor, I have never seen one where the seat is so high.  When I'm sitting on it, the top of my leg is level with the top of the hood.  Because of this, I have to push the seat as far forward as possible to use the brake properly, which means that my knees are knocking on the sides of the thing all the time.  Plus, the seat is unusually narrow (I know my arse is bigger than it should be, but trust me, it's a skinny seat) and shallow - as in, with my back pressed hard against the back of the seat, I still feel like I'm falling off.  None of this would really be a big deal if the area to be mowed was flat, but it's not.  It's actually pretty hilly and bumpy and some of the slants are fairly steep, which leaves me with the constant fear of flying off the mower and winding up as lawn-burger.   (gross, but true)  Plus by the time I've mowed half the yard, my knees are killing me from being banged against the hood all the time.
    So, with this information, and knowing that most of the mowing is or will be done by myself and the kids, my question is this: when is it reasonable to take a piece of equipment that functions perfectly and get rid of it?  It does exactly what it's supposed to do, but I swear to you, I am scared to death to mow more than half of the property because I honestly fear falling or being thrown off the thing.  Do we sell it and put the money toward something that is a better "fit" for me?  Do we keep it for snowplowing, etc. and get a smaller mower just for the yard?  Or do I just suck it up, stifle my shrieks of terror, and make sure my life insurance is paid up?   It sounds so silly but it just flat freaks me out to mow with the thing.  What do you think? 


Mother Chaos

Personally, I'd trade it in for a model that fits you better. It is a dangerous piece of equipment that freaks you out - and you don't strike me as being the shriek-n-swoon-over-nothing type of gal. It's probably freaking you out for a reason. Besides, if it freaks you out, you aren't going to want to do it. This is why I still use the manual cutters instead of the power shears for the hedges in front of the house. Sure, I might be able to do them in ten minutes instead of an hour, but the shears are too heavy and one of these days, I'm gonna sheer my leg right off, I just KNOW it...

Mrs. H

Get rid of it. No point in tempting fate. If you feel it's not safe, then it probably isn't.

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