A slight dilemma

I am a wimp

    I've been knitting on my niece's socks, as time and circumstances permit, and I have made a discovery:  the  prospect of two whole socks' worth of kelly green makes me want to hurl.  I can't do it.  All those tiny stitches, on tiny needles, in unrelenting green - it's too much.  And I love green!  It's my favorite color, although I usually lean towards either the lime or forest greens rather than kelly.  What am I to do?  I've clearly been spoiled (brainwashed?) by the beauty and unending variety of multicolored and self-patterning sock yarns.  Maybe I'm a bit too easy to amuse, but I admit to being completely enthralled by the unfolding colorways and surprising patterns.  All that monotonous kelly is just - well - boring.  And I don't do well with boring.  It's a character flaw, I know, but I need some variety in my projects, or they wind up as UFO's, floating through the various storage spaces of my home, unwanted and neglected.  Sad, no? 
    Thus I must make a decision: to knit kelly green, or not.  I think you can tell which way I'm leaning.  If I make her a really funky pair of multicolored or striped socks, do you think she'll forgive me for not producing cheerleader socks?  I mean, really, which will she use more often?  And besides, I know she doesn't want to see her Aunt Steph rocking in a corner and mumbling to herself  (more than usual, anyway) because a pair of solid-color socks drove her over the edge.  Sigh.  Who knew green socks would be so traumatic?


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