Hear me roar

Oh YES!!

    Do you know what happened today?  Do you?  Huh, huh, do ya?  MY STUFF CAME!!!  Okay, sorry I'm shouting, but it feels like we've been waiting forever for this shipment to arrive, and I am happier than a dog with two tails right now.  (And that's pretty darn happy!)  There has been a long string of events that did not go the way they were supposed to, so I am tickled beyond belief to have everything here.  And (so far) nothing's even broken! 
    Actually, I'm surprised by how much stuff there is!  I'd forgotten a lot of things, so today is kind of like Christmas.  Open a box and "Hey, looky there!  Wow, I forgot I had that!"  And so on and so forth.  Of course it will be the 4th of never before I get everything sorted out and where it's actually supposed to be, but that's okay.  Besides, that gives me to time to decide where it's supposed to be, right? 
    Sweet husband is completely amused by my (admittedly somewhat excessive) joy over receiving this shipment.  I think part of his amusement is the fact that I'm so geeked to have my kitchen stuff - me, the Woman Who Hates to Cook, excited about whisks and measuring cups!  Personally I think it makes perfect sense.  After all, if you must do something you hate, shouldn't you have everything you can find to make the job as easy as possible?  Of course you should!  See?  Perfect sense.
    Mind you, I'm pretty happy about some other stuff too.  My purple sectional couch and matching chair (hey, it's very European!), the kids' dressers, some more of my yarn and beads, books - oh, and FINALLY, a kitchen table and chairs!  Yes!  We've been eating off a 4-foot folding table, with a mixture of camp chairs and those cheap plastic lawn chairs for seating - not very comfortable, and it definitely puts a crimp in your entertainment plans.  Now we can eat a meal together, without bumping each other off the chairs or having the table top be at mouth level (camp chairs are a little low, you know?)  It is a very good day.
    Well, I guess I've taken enough of a break - back to the boxes!  Merry Christmas!  :-)


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