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Puppies and kitties and freezers, oh my!

    Ooooof!  It's been a while!  Our weekend was meant to be very relaxed and lazy, and instead turned into a marathon garage-sale tour.  We got some killer deals (yay!) but it wasn't exactly relaxing (ugh).  At any rate, we made it through, and this week has gone about like usual. Well, with one or two exceptions.
    Last night was Clover's first puppy obedience class, and it was a hoot!  There are seven puppies total, and she is by far the largest.  She is also a bit of a wimp.  By the time class was over she'd quit hiding behind my legs, though.  It should be an interesting eight weeks!
    While Clover was socializing, Lily the kitten was apparently off exploring the world, because we couldn't find her anywhere last night.  She spends the days sleeping on the deck, hunting frogs, etc. but she's always inside at night.  Well, last night she was nowhere to be found.  The kids searched and called until it started pouring rain and they had to come inside.  This morning they went out looking - still no Lily.  We were really afraid that a stray dog or maybe even a coyote had made off with her.  But lo and behold, this afternoon the neighbor stopped by to say hello and who was trailing along behind him but Lily!  I don't know if she had been at their house last night or what, but she's back now and perfectly fine.  Silly cat.
    I was definitely glad to have Lily back, but I was not so glad to come home from running a couple errands this afternoon and find that the freezer had quit working.  At first I thought someone had left some icecubes in the dispenser tray and they'd melted, since there was water all down the front of the freezer from the ice dispenser.  But when I opened the freezer door and discovered that everything was completely thawed - !!  At this point I'm not sure if the refrigerator is actually working or if it just holds its temperature better than the freezer.  We have a side-by-side, which I have never liked, so I won't be at all sad if the repair person says we need a new long as the home warranty we have helps cover the cost!  (It's supposed to, but you never know...with my luck it only covers harvest-gold fridges and avocado ranges...)  Anyway, the repair person is coming tomorrow - they "don't do same-day calls", thank you!  So we'll see what happens.  In the meantime, I have to figure out what to do for supper - and where to put all the now-useless food from my freezer. 


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