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Blustery day


Mercy!  After our two days of warm and drippy weather, the cold is back today with a vengeance, and the wind came with it.  There should be a small persons warning out - "danger, high winds may cause unexpected blowing about of short people"!   (In college I had a friend who was so tiny that she literally got blown over one windy day.  She wasn't nearly as amused as the rest of us.)  Everything that thawed out is now refrozen - including the mud.  Somehow it's not so pretty this way. 
    In the moments that aren't consumed with the usual routine - school, cooking, cleaning, climbing Mt. Washmore (aka the laundry pile) - I've been knitting patiently away, trying to finish off some UFO's so I can go on to something else with a clear conscience.  It's taking a lot longer than I want.  I started making some fingerless mitts for my sister at Christmas, and - well - let's just say she doesn't have them yet.  They are currently in their third incarnation and I am hoping fervently that this is IT.  If not  I may go buy her some tube socks and just cut the toes out.  Close enough.  My emotional health can only handle so much frustration, you know? :-)
    Hubby and I have also made some plans for my lampworking area.  We'll need to do a little carpentry work and a lot of cleaning, but I think we have a pretty good idea of what we want to do now.  I've had the itch to get back to my torch, but until I have a decent space set up for my equipment it's just not practical.  Hopefully we can get that done in a reasonable amount of time, and without spending much money.  (Story of our lives....)  Then - torch time, here I come!  Lampworking - it's not just artistic, it's therapeutic AND it keeps you warm! 

A little distracted


I've been trying to write this  post for - oh - three days?  Four?  And clearly I have not been successful.  There's this crazy thing called "life" that keeps sneaking up on me and whacking me upside the head with stuff I'm not expecting, and it's made it a little hard to concentrate lately.   However, I am herewith attempting to deal with my distraction.
    First of all, Happy Birthday Seth!  My baby turned 12 on Saturday.  Do you believe it?  Me either!  (I am refusing to look at the fact that, as he ages, so do I.  Denial is a beautiful tool when properly utilized.)
We had a party with some friends, a pinata that looked like an electric guitar, and far too much cake.  Good times all around.  Seth is a challenge and a joy and I wouldn't trade my boy for the world...I'm so glad he's mine. 
    Second, and I know this is going to be shocking for some of you who know me well....I grow weary of snow.  I do.   It's beautiful and white and glistening and - and - it's never going to stop.  I swear to you that my internal organs are developing ice crystals.  If you listen to my heart now, you wouldn't hear "thump-thump", you'd hear "winter wonderland", in four-part harmony.  Yes, I know it's just January, and winter isn't anywhere close to over.  And I am still enjoying the view from my living room.  Maybe I'm just grumpy because I plowed the driveway yesterday and today I hurt.   I always thought the whole reason for  plowing was so you didn't  experience the physical pain and stress.  I guess that's only true if you're using a different tractor and plow than we have.  (ooowwww....whine....) 
    And finally, our 20th anniversary is approaching, and we're trying to decide what we want (read: can afford) to do to celebrate.  Anybody have any great ideas for an inexpensive little party for two?



Let's see, where was I when we were together last?  (That's a rhetorical question, by the way.)  Oh, I remember!  I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to get out of my driveway because of the snow, and worrying about having no time to knit.  And you know what?  I was right.   I was sooooooo right.  You'd think I had the Second Sight or somethin'. 
    Hubby got up and cruised right on out the driveway Tuesday morning - no fuss, no bother, just put 'er in reverse and away we go!  So I assumed - oh, painful ignorance! - that I would be able to do the same thing.  We went through our morning routine, had lunch, and crawled into the van to go off to the boys' tutoring session, a measly 5 miles away.  I casually turned the van, pointed us north, and stepped on the gas. 


VROOOOMmmmmmOOOOOOMmmmmmm!!!!    (backing...let's try this again....)

vrrrrrrRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMmmmm fishtailfishtailfishtail

Back up...sit for a moment in deep thought....put it in low gear and try the "slow and steady" approach.


    At that point eldest son looked at me and said "If you're going to do this any more, can I get out of the van?"  I took that as a sign that I was NOT getting out of my driveway, and quietly backed the van back into the garage and turned it off.  We got out, went back in the house and called the tutor.  "Ummm, we can't get out of our driveway...can we reschedule?"   Then I called Hubby and told him we were stuck at home, whereupon he laughed in disbelief until he realized I wasn't laughing with him.  After that we agreed that he should try to get home a wee bit earlier, so he wouldn't be plowing in the dark.  (Really, I was thinking of him.)
    Since we couldn't go to tutoring, I had two hours that should have been devoted to finishing the Vest that Never Ends.  But instead, I found myself sorting laundry and cleaning and such.  Very sad.  Yesterday was shot - today's shot - I already know tomorrow and Saturday are shot.  I'm beginning to think I'll be knitting on that vest until I'm 80.  Do you think I'll still like it then? 

    Nope, me either.

Aaaaaaaaaand, it's back!

    I don't recall if I mentioned it or not, but all that lovely snow I was talking about in my last post disappeared in record time.  While I do appreciate not having snow down my boots when walking the dog, the dingy green and brown muck that was left was not very appealing.  This morning, though, I got up and looked out the window, and BAM!  It's baaaaaaaack! 
    Local weathercasters were calling for 1-3" overnight, but I guess we got the bulk-buying special, because we have more like 5 or 6".  And it's still snowing.  It's that fine, powdery snow, the stuff you almost have to squint to see (although there are a few larger chunks butting in here and there), and it hasn't stopped since last evening.  My back yard looks like an Ansel Adams photograph.  And yes, I definitely prefer that to the mud-pie mess it was.   Like I said, our nowhere can be very picturesque.            
    ***** Sorry, brief pause for some puppy snuggling.  Shyla thinks the world is ending if she can't try to crawl into my lap at least once an hour.  It's sad that a dog with legs a mile long thinks she's a least she doesn't weigh 100 lbs., like our old friend's Lab.  He wanted to be rocked every night in a rocking chair, like a baby.  Compared to that, Shyla's long legs dangling off my lap are nothing. 
    Anyway, we're back to being a winter wonderland.  Right now my main concern is being able to get out of my driveway!  So off we go. Someone out there,  please sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and knit something for me today, okay?  I don't think I'm going to have the chance.

We make our own fun

     According to my sister and those of my friends who have visited us here, we are currently living in the middle of nowhere.  Now, I was pretty sure that this was somewhere, but they disagree.  Clearly I am misinformed.  However, Melinda and crew are willing to forgive us this, since our nowhere is so very picturesque - and since we have such unprecedented capacity to amuse those who visit our nowhere. 
    Melinda came up last weekend and was suitably impressed with House Grouchy Mom and its lovely surroundings, in spite of its nowhereness. (Is that a word?)  Since we were enjoying about a foot of snow, the homestead had a decidedly Christmas-card atmosphere which she seemed to enjoy.
   I drove her around the area to demonstrate the fact that we do, in fact, have access to all the trappings of civilization, but the highlight of her visit took place right here at home.  I offer, for your enjoyment, pictures of Melinda and Stephanie  playing in the snow.  (I'm the short one.)
Hpim1355 Hpim1359_2 I ask that you pay particular attention to Melinda's graceful sledding posture.  Isn't she the very image of a dignified history professor?

    Of course, once Melinda left, I was sad and bored here in Nowhereville.  Clearly that state of affairs could not be allowed to continue, so darling Hubby set himself the task of putting a smile back on my face.  Hubby is normally a fairly straight-laced sort of fellow (and if you believe that, I've got some swampland in Arizona for you...) but because he loves me so much, he
Hpim1360decided to cut up a little.  Behold, the love of my life, doing his best to make me happy.  What woman could resist that face?   

So once again, we made our own fun.  Don't you wish you could join us?                





Welcome to 2008!  It seems most folks have high hopes for each new year as it comes along - they'll lose weight, get organized, etc.  And those are all great goals.  Shoot, I might try a few of 'em myself. But I already know that this year is going to be better than last year.  Know how I know?  Because this year, we're in America.  I could go on and on about what exactly that means to me - and sometime I probably will - but for now, I'm just tickled to be here.  So to all of you, God bless 2008, and may all your dreams for this year come true.  I think some of mine already have.