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Okay....I think?!?

First: my posts have obviously not been publishing properly.  Sorry about that.  If I were enough of a technogeek I could probably do something about it, but I'm not, so I can't.  Sigh.
Now the important stuff: Hubby is home, and his heart is fine.  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!
Thursday was a really scary day around here.  All the tests came back totally normal, though, so the doctor said it's more than likely that he did just aggravate something muscular/skeletal with all the yard work, etc. he's been doing.  Believe me, we'll take that over heart problems any time.  After watching my dad go through 15 years of congestive heart failure and all its attendant complications, the mere thought of Jon having something wrong with his heart sends me over the edge.  Coming home yesterday was a huge relief.  
As far as what we've been doing - I think I'm going to wait and see if TypePad can figure out what's going on with my posts before I get into that.  I hate seeing my posts all chopped up but again, I don't know how to fix it, so...soon, I promise!

Not as planned

Well, today did not go as anticipated.  I was trying to get my pictures downloaded and put together some kind of clever blog post when the phone rang.  Husband was on the other end, and the first words out of his mouth were "Now honey, don't freak out..." -  by which I knew that I was about to hear something freak-worthy.  Sure enough, he was having chest pains.  Now why would I freak out about that?  (grrrrr.....)  At any rate, before noon we were at the ER, and he was hooked up to more thingamajigs than you can imagine.  

So far everything is looking very good, thank God - the doctor is pretty sure there hasn't been any sort of heart attack - but they're keeping him tonight to monitor, and tomorrow morning he'll have a stress test. If that looks good, he'll come home. We suspect he may actually have done some sort of damage to muscles or ligaments in his chest, but we'll know more tomorrow. Anyway, no clever posts or endearing pictures today, folks. I'll be back as soon as I know my honey is really alright.

I'm here....

Just a quick note to say that I'm still alive, but there's been a lot going on!  I have pictures of some of it, but at the moment the camera cable is hiding, so I'll have to do that later.  Hope everyone out in blogland is doing well.  

Such a dork

    I can't believe how dumb I am sometimes.  I mean, jeez, after 42 years I should know that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I still manage to surprise myself with my own stupidity.  Dumb, dumb, dumb. 
     Oh, you're wondering what provoked this outburst.  You remember the kitchen?  The kitchen with the wallpaper from the Place That Burns, lovingly applied with rhino-snot glue?  That I worked and worked and worked on, and finally got nicely wallpaper-free?  Yeah.  Well, I got it painted at last, and lo, it was good.  I mean really, really sharp.  It's begonia yellow and mandarin orange, with bright white trim, and it looks like sunshine with built-in cupboards and I love it.  I got it all done and decided to have some friends over Friday afternoon.  So I cleaned the rest of the house (and myself) and then decided to make a cake. 
    One thing I like to do when I'm working is listen to music - usually loud music - and sing along.  Sometimes I even dance.  It horrifies the kids, but hey, it's fun and it gives the neighbors something to talk about.  I'd mixed up my cake and was bouncing around the kitchen like a loon when I spun around, flung out my arm, and whacked the back of my hand on the edge of the counter.  I mean hard, too - for a couple minutes I wondered if I'd broken one of the bones along the back of my hand.  Then I wondered how I'd explain my "accident" at the ER.  (There was no good explanation.)  The throbbing eventually stopped, and there is just a faint bruise now, but WOW is it sore.  Yesterday I couldn't type or play the piano without pain.  Today it's better, but I have to be careful not to bump that hand, or I whimper like a baby. 
    When Hubby got home last night I told him what had happened, and he very graciously didn't laugh at me too much.  Of course, when he left the house today, his parting words were "Make sure you only dance in wide-open spaces, okay, honey?"  Yeah.  I'm a dork.

Oh yeah, Mother's Day!


I was all hot and bothered over wallpaper and forgot to talk about my Mother's Day!  Sheesh, where was my head?  (rhetorical question, Giggles...)  Jon and the kids are always really sweet about Mother's Day, my birthday, etc., and this year was no exception.  They took off Saturday morning on a high and noble quest, leaving me with a gloriously empty house (present number one!).
    While I worked away at scraping walls and doing laundry - with my music turned up as loud as I wanted - they cruised all over the area in pursuit of their goal: fuel tanks for my torch.  And God bless 'em, they found some!  I finally have what I need to start torching again, and I am tickled pink with purple polka-dots.  It's been far too long since I've gotten to play with Sparky,  but now we're reunited (and it feels so good!).  Present number two!
    Of course, my sweet hubby is never content to settle for the basics, so on top of  my tanks, he found me a beautiful lilac bush for the yard.  And not some scrawny little 12-inch thing, either - it's a good 3' tall, and covered in blooms.  I love it.  Lilacs are some of my favorite flowers, and I've really missed the ones we had in Indiana.  So that was present number three.  Pretty good, eh?
    The kids also picked a card that they could record their own greeting on, as well as insert their own photo in, so that was pretty cute.  Half the fun of these things is for Mom to know nothing of what's going on right under her nose, so I sat upstairs and pretended not to hear the shrieks of laughter coming from the basement as they tried to record something intelligible.  It was great. 
    So, over all, I had a pretty spiffy Mother's Day.  I hope the rest of you moms had good days too.  Now on to the rest of the week....I smell paint in my future!! 

Thank God for steam


This past week I re-entered the great Wallpaper War, and I'm here to tell you, it's been ugly.  My absolute loathing for wallpaper has reached new heights.  There is no way this stuff came from anywhere but the Bad Place.  No way.  Hubby and I have spent hours and hours over the past four days fighting this battle, and we are STILL not done.  Every time I think "Oh, thank goodness, that's the last piece!" a stray ray of light hits the wall and illuminates another sneaky little straggler.
    See, this stuff won't just come off like it should.  Nooooo, you have to peel the top layer off, then steam/soak/scrape the underlying layer(s) until you reach the wall....THEN you get to scrub off the rhino-snot glue so that someday, in the misty future, you can actually paint the walls.  And in this case, not only was there wallpaper, there was a border over the wallpaper that Would.Not. Come. Off.  I hates it, I does.  Hates it.  If we hadn't had the wallpaper steamer that my mom was brilliant enough to pick up at a yard sale last summer, that border would still be there and I'd be curled up somewhere in the fetal position, rocking and sucking my thumb. 
    Anyway, after a ridiculous amount of work, I'm down to the final scrubbing (thank GOD), and hopefully by tonight/tomorrow I'll be able to start painting.  Right now I am choosing not to think about the other six rooms in the house that are still wallpapered.  They do not exist, as far as I'm concerned.  Call it denial if you wish - I call it maintaining my sanity.  A woman can only take so much at a time, and I am at my wallpaper limit. 



I am really enjoying spring this year.  Partly it's relief that winter is finally over (and the peasants rejoice!), and partly it's the fun of seeing what all we have in our yard.  I know, that sounds a bit dim, but when we moved in last summer everything was just green.  I'm not great at identifying trees - maple, oak, pine, and - tree? - so I really had no idea what some of the trees and bushes in the yard were.  Well, now I know!
    We have a beautiful crab-apple tree just beside the deck that has  white blossoms with just a blush of pink in their centers.
Spring_blossoms_and_new_pets_005 Along one side of the pond we have pussywillows and what appears to be an ornamental plum,
 with pale orchid flowers and deep wine-burgundy leaves. On the other side, there's what I think is a different variety of    crab-apple that is covered - every branch and twig -Spring_blossoms_and_new_pets_017_2 with vibrant pink blossoms.   It is simply beautiful.  And out front, there's a little cherry tree and - be still my heart! - a redbud.   I love redbuds - I can remember marveling over their color and gracefulness when I was just a little girl, driving to West Virginia to see my grandparents.  They are thick in the mountains, and the blush of delicate red-orchid against the dark green pines and not-yet-awakened hardwoods is one of the loveliest things you'll ever see.   
    So this is what I have to look at these days.  I hope you have lovely views, wherever you are.

This, that and t'other thing

    Is it just me, or does time really seem to move faster as we get older?  Because I swear there is no way a week has passed already, and yet - the calendar does not lie.  A week has, indeed, gone by.  Of course, when I think about everything that's been done in the past week, it makes a little more sense.
    I finished cleaning the house (yay!), and the homeschool group seemed to enjoy the pictures of Europe.  Although I think they enjoyed the cookies and chocolate more, but I certainly don't hold that against them!   We finished up and had time for the kids to play around outside for a bit before everyone had to leave, which made the little people all very happy.  Then the skies opened up and it poured, but my house was clean, so I could sit back and listen to the rain pounding on the roof in peace.  Very nice.
    Friday night we were hanging out watching the dogs playing.  Shyla is extremely interested in Zeus, and will roll and wrestle with him any chance she gets.  Apparently they got a little too enthusiastic that night, because Saturday morning the little guy was limping.  When we took him to the vet, she found strained ligaments in his knees - too much romping!  So we have to keep them separated for a while, which is harder than it sounds.  Zeus likes to play with Shyla, so they whine at each other from opposite sides of the play-yard fence like a pair of toddlers who have both been denied their favorite toy.   
    Cold-hearted people that we are, we left them to their whining and went to see Iron Man Saturday afternoon.  If you like that sort of thing - heck, even if you don't! - you should really see this movie.  The casting is spot-on and the character development is excellent.  Not to mention the wicked cool special effects - I found myself totally absorbed in the movie's reality, which doesn't often happen. 
    After our busy Friday and Saturday, we expected  Sunday to be fairly low-key - church, lunch with Pastor Dave, and then hanging out at home the rest of the day.   And that's pretty much what happened, although there was (of course!) an unexpected twist.  Seth was in the kids' service, and during game time someone accidentally stepped on his foot pretty hard.  He was grumbling, but didn't seem to be having any major problems until later that afternoon when he came and showed us his foot - a grossly swollen and discolored pinky toe, with the bruising reaching halfway up his foot.   We immediately had him put his foot up and put ice on it, which seemed to help, but the bruising was worse yesterday morning.  So off to the doctor we went for x-rays.  Thankfully it is not broken, but the bruising is pretty impressive and he's supposed to stay off his feet as much as possible for a few days.  With an active kid like Seth, that's not easy, but he's doing pretty well.  It hurts a lot, but he's being a trooper. 
    Which brings us to today (gasp...) - the puppy goes in for a recheck, and I have to call the doctor for hubby, but so far that's all that's on the schedule.  However, I'm not ruling anything out.  Around here, you just never know.