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    Last night I had an epiphany.  I was lying in bed thinking about all the wallpaper in the house and how I just hate messing with it.  Then I thought, well, the stuff in Faith's room came off pretty easy, so why am I still so reluctant to get in there and finish the job?  And that's when it hit me.  It's not the wallpaper I hate, it's the wallpaper glue!   The paper itself isn't a big deal - you can peel it off without a whole lot of effort.  But the glue is another story.  Once you get the worst of it scraped off (which is tedious work at best) you still have to go back and scrub off all the residue.  And scrub....and scrub...and scrub!  It's hard to track your progress, as there isn't a lot of change you can see; it's slimy and gross; and it always seems to take at least three times longer than it should, because you have to keep going over and over the same spots to get all the gunk off.  I hate the glue.  The glue is evil. 

    Oddly enough, that realization actually made me feel a little better.  See, we only have a couple scrapers, and frankly I'm not sure I'd trust the kids to do much paper removal - I'd probably wind up with all sorts of nicks and gouges in the drywall to patch.  But anybody can scrub!  (she cackles with glee)  Suddenly my hellacious task has been reduced to manageable proportions, just by the thought of enlisting some child labor for the part I truly hate. 

    Lordy, I love being a mother. 


    I am a creature of habit.  I'm sure that's surprising to those of you who know me, but it's true.  When something's working for me, I don't want to mess with it.  And if it stops working, then doggone it, make it the way it was, right now! Unfortunately "right now" isn't always possible, and then I get a little....well....cranky.  Irritable.  Downright grouchy. 

    That's what happened to my precious laptop about three or four weeks ago.  Everything was working, and then all of a sudden, it wasn't.  No Internet access; slooooooooooooooow power-up; general computer malaise.  Hubby tried all sorts of anti-virus scans, reboots, all that good techy stuff, but to no avail.  I was having serious withdrawal issues.  All my favorite stuff was on this computer!  My bookmarks!  My blog!  Jeez, most of my brain!   Finally this past Thursday I surrendered to the inevitable and took my baby to a fix-it place near here.  And voila! Saturday morning I had it back in my sweaty little hands, all fixed up and ready to surf again.  I think I heard angels singing, I really do.

    So now to update the ol' blog...where did I leave off, anyway?  Ah yes, the new puppy.  Mr. Zeke is now 22 lbs. of adorable.  He's doing great with housetraining (although he loves shoes) and he gets along very well with Shyla and Zeus.  In fact, one of our favorite pastimes now is watching him wrestle with one of the "big dogs".  Shyla is definitely the dominant one, but Zeke is apparently asserting dominance of Zeus, who is roughly three times his size.  It's pretty funny to watch them "attacking" each other - all teeth and growls and nothing ever happens. 

    On a less pleasant note, my sister sadly suffered a miscarriage about a week ago.  She's holding up but it has been a huge disappointment (obviously) and a very tough time for her and Mark.  Thankfully the doctor has assured them there's no reason they can't try again. 

    And finally, I am (once again) convinced that wallpaper is the source of all evil.  We've started on the other bedrooms, and oh, the joy!   *slapping self upside the head*  Sorry, sarcasm overcame me there for a minute...actually, Faith's bedroom wasn't too bad, but there are still three more bedrooms and another bathroom to do, and the prospect doesn't thrill me. 

    Well, there we are.  Hopefully I'll be more diligent now that my 'puter's back - at least about blogging!  :-)  Have a great day, y'all!