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Oy, my achin' back....

......and legs, and hands, and shoulders, and hips, and...well, you get the idea!  The weather here has been very cold and damp for the past week or so, which is never a good thing for my fibromyalgia.  Add to that the changes in my schedule and activities this past week, and you have a perfect recipe for a truly (physically) miserable Steph. 

One extra little quirk that my body's developed is muscle spasms in my middle back.  This started while we were in Germany, I think in response to stress and board-like mattresses, and it's continued to plague me since we returned.  If I'm unusually tired, stressed, etc., I can pretty much count on my back cramping up.  Sometimes just taking some ibuprofen and going to bed will relax me enough to take care of things.  Other times, well - other times that doesn't work, and then I get really grouchy. 

Why am I sharing this?  I don't really know, other than the fact that trying to form coherent sentences helps keep my mind off the discomfort.  And believe me, forming coherent sentences right now is quite an accomplishment, given my level of tiredness.  Jon laughed at me this evening at the supper table because I called one of the boys (the ones we're babysitting) by the wrong name - and it wasn't even his brother's name, just something totally random.  Then I had to stop and think to remember what the poor kid's name really is!   The munchkins have been fun, but I'm ready to sleep in for a few days now.  They go home tomorrow, and I've already told my family that Sunday I'm going to church and then going to bed.  Period.  The sky can fall if it wants to, just don't wake me up to tell me about it, okay?  Okay. 

And now I'm going to take some ibuprofen and a rice bag and go to bed.  Good night, world. 

Was it really like this?

I have three kids, as most of you know by now.  They all arrived as babies (as most kids do), went through the toddler and preschool years, and have survived to be teenagers.  Not only that, but I have survived them growing to be teenagers.  So how is it that three of someone else's kids are wearing me down so fast?

Jon and I are taking care of some friends' children for a week while they're traveling.  The little girl is 5 and the twin boys are 3, and they are absolutely adorable.  They're typical kids, alternately precious and rotten, and I've always had a lot of fun with them.  What I failed to realize is that having fun with them for an afternoon is a lot different than having fun with them for a week, 24/7.  I am tired, people, in a way I haven't experienced for a good ten years. 

I've said for some time that I really like having older kids, for lots of reasons.  You can have rational, logical conversations with them; discuss theoretical concepts; assign them tasks and be (fairly) comfortable that those tasks will completed properly, etc., etc.   I now see that I have completely undervalued such things as potty training, getting one's own drinks and comprehending such things as "If you run into the piano, it will hurt" before running into the piano.  Yeah.   Completely undervalued. 

In all honesty, it's going pretty well under the circumstances.  The little guys miss Mommy and Daddy, and obviously things aren't quite the same here as they are at home.  They're going to bed well, though, and nobody is going to starve because I don't cook like Mommy does.  And I'm getting lots of little people snuggles and kisses, which is always good.  Still, I will be very, very happy to see Amy and Brian come through their door Saturday evening....very, very happy.