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Lo, the white stuff cometh

I've been wondering (in a half-hearted sort of way) when we'd really see winter.  You know, snow and all that good stuff?  So far our Michigan winter has been unusually mild, which has definitely been a gift as far as heating bills and such, but I was starting to worry when Thanksgiving came and went with no snow.  It's just not normal for this part of the country. 

Well, all my worries have been swept away in a gust of polar wind.  The ground is white now and there are snowflakes dancing through the air outside my window at this very moment.  In fact, last night it got a bit dicey - there's some ice under the snow and the combination of that, heavy snow and strong winds made driving a little interesting.  We went to pick up our kids from youth group and everyone else was already gone (never happens) - apparently all the teens who drove themselves were getting anxious text messages from parents to get their patooties home NOW, but not too fast because the roads are bad, but hurry up and get moving, okay?   But drive carefully! 

I was concerned about Jon's drive to work this morning - he drives about 40 miles each way, and the roads get really nasty this time of year between us and Detroit.  Thankfully we just got new snow tires for his car, and he made it in just fine.  You never know how it's going to go with his commute - sometimes traffic will be backed up for a couple miles, for no reason whatsoever.  Other times people will be driving like maniacs, in horrible weather conditions.   I'm always so grateful that I don't have to go out and deal with that nonsense! 

So, since I have my snow, I think I may make some Christmas cookies today.  We scored an upright freezer over the weekend (Craig's List rocks!) so I can bake away and have somewhere to store all that sugary goodness other than my belly.  I know, I know, I'm a self-proclaimed non-cooker, but at this time of year all bets are off.  I like my Christmas cookies just as well as the next person, and I'll do whatever I need to do to get some - even if that means dragging out the chef's apron.  I'll crank up the Christmas tunes, light some candles, and have a holly jolly time.