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I did what?

I believe I've said before (ad nauseum, in fact) that I am not a particularly gifted or enthusiastic housekeeper.   Cleaning house is one of the necessary evils of the universe, like visiting the dentist or paying taxes; I only do what I have to do, no more.  However, I have a bizarre fascination with rearranging furniture, which (done properly) usually involves some cleaning.  That's about the only time I am willing - nay, eager - to drag out the cleaning supplies and go to it. 

In spite of the fact that our house is pretty big, there are some annoying limitations to what I can do in my living room.  It's a large room, but it is "divided" into two semi-distinct areas by wall placement and a peninsula-style gas fireplace.   Think of placing two dominoes together, narrow ends touching, and then shifting one out of alignment by about 1/3 but with the ends still in contact.  Make sense?  Anyway, that's basically the layout of my living room.  The side towards the road has two large skylights and a section of half-wall to define the hallway.  The other side has a huge sliding glass door that opens onto our rear deck.   There's also a pass-through to the kitchen on that side - in fact, when we bought the house, that section was being used as a formal dining room.  Well, we aren't "formal dining" people, and since the kitchen is quite large also, we just eat in there. 

For the past two and a half years, the section of the living room that opens to the deck has been the primary seating area - couches, coffee table, tv, blah blah blah, all on that side.  The other side has had some secondary seating (a couple of Ikea chairs and a lamp) and my baby grand piano.   It worked fine, but I've been debating some changes for quite some time.  This Thursday I finally quit debating and got down to work.

My kids - who are totally awesome, dude! - helped me do a complete flip-flop of the room.  The couches, most of the lamps, etc. are now in the "front" section and the piano is in the "back".  I got some new curtains and another floor lamp.  While I was at it, I vacuumed the snot out of the entire room, including getting down on my hands and knees and using the funky little attachments on my vacuum to really get at the baseboards and edges of the carpet.    And then I made fruit pizza and coffee and sat down to enjoy our small group Bible study.

Sometime Thursday night I woke up and thought "Wow, my fingers feel funny....maybe I was laying on my hand or something."    Then I went back to sleep.   When I got up Friday morning, though, my fingers didn't just feel funny, they hurt.  Especially my left ring finger, which was swollen like a sausage.  My wedding ring was stuck tight in all that swelling and wouldn't budge.  I tried all the usual methods of ring removal, but nothing worked and my finger was beginning to turn purple.  So, I.....cut off my wedding ring.  Yep, I did.  Cut it right off.  OOooooowwwwwww!   Then I went to the doctor, where I discovered that I had a slight stress fracture in that finger.   At first I was honestly unable to think of what I could have done to cause such a thing, but then I remembered moving my piano.  At one point I was trying to lift and apparently had my fingers slightly twisted, because I got a sharp stab of pain in that finger.  It didn't hurt after that, though, so I promptly forgot all about it.  Until Friday.  When I couldn't forget it anymore.  :-)   

So now I have a beautifully rearranged living room - "entertaining" side a bit cozier, "music" side a little more open and with more natural light - and a funky little finger splint that is supposed to remind me to rest my finger.  Really all it does is irritate me, so at the moment it's sitting on the end table, keeping my place in the book I'm reading.   I also have a really strange urge to do more rearranging/decorating.  Can't imagine why,really....although that finger splint is mighty fetching.....perhaps I subconsciously want to begin a collection?  I wonder if they come in green? 

Spring, please!

Yes, I know it's still mid-February and that I live in Michigan, which means that there will almost certainly be more snow before it's spring.  But I don't like it, okay?  I want spring!!  NOW!!!  If that wouldn't be too much trouble, please and thank you! 

I have vague memories of loving winters when I was a kid.  Playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book - good times, right?   I still love the book and the fireplace, hot chocolate is a good thing, but playing in the snow?  Not so much.  First, I am not 13 anymore, and my bones hurt when I get cold.  Second, I'm the one who has to wash all the snow gear and clean up the trails and puddles of melting snow and track down the missing glove/hat/scarf.  Kinda takes some of the fun out of it for me.  (Yeah, I'm a real killjoy.) 

    I admit that I still enjoy watching the snow fall,  There is something almost magical about it for me.  Our house has lots of windows and sliding glass doors, and sitting in the living room looking out over the frozen pond as snowflakes swirl down from the sky is a lovely way to pass some time.  It's even lovelier on a day when I don't have to go anywhere and can just sit and enjoy the show. 

    Falling snow loses its attraction over time, though, and this year the novelty seems to have worn off sooner than usual.  I have serious cabin fever, folks.  I'm tired of a landscape that is perpetually grey and white.  Tired of being chilly all the time.  Tired of wearing multiple layers of clothes everywhere.  REALLY tired of heating bills!  I am soooooo ready for spring. 

Since I haven't yet figured out how to be in charge of the weather (and don't think I haven't tried!) I'm settling for changing the "look" of the blog yet again.  And yes, I do have the attention span of a flea, why do you ask?  I love lilacs, so I thought this was a good choice.   I'm hoping the One in charge of the weather will take this as a hint and send some spring this way, sooner rather than later.    Daffodils, anyone?

And that leads to....

My little "character flaw" is curled up sleeping beside me in the chair, so I'm trying to get a few things done on the computer while he snoozes.  He is an amazingly good puppy so far, which is of course a good thing.  The problem is that he is an amazingly good puppy, which leads to....well.  It leads to me sitting on my rump cuddling the little furball for ridiculous lengths of time, instead of doing laundry or dishes or perhaps getting the top few layers of sticky off the kitchen floor.   I've decided that little Frodo has some sort of ability to warp the time-space continuum, so that what seems like just a few minutes of snuggling is in fact half a day in real time. 

    Mind you, I can't say that this disturbs me greatly....definitely not as much as it probably should.  There's something about a soft little puppy curled up on your lap that is sooooooo relaxing; if science could find a way to distill and bottle puppy-snuggles, a whole lot of us could probably get rid of our Prozac and Xanax and all that stuff and just take Puppy.  (All natural!  High fiber!)   Add in some of those funny, squeaky little noises that he makes while he's sleeping, and you've got a real winner. 

When I'm not cuddling Frodo, I've been - ummm - well, I've not been doing much of anything.  (See first paragraph.)  Actually, as sweet as he is, he isn't quite enough to conquer the insane sinus headaches I've been having, so in a couple hours I'm going to have a CT scan of my sinuses.  I believe we're looking for aliens with hammer drills, based on how I feel.  Gotta tell you, this whole aging thing really stinks.  Twenty years ago I barely knew I had sinuses....or hips, or a spine, or shoulders, or hands, or....okay, you know what I mean.  Now, though, I am acutely and unpleasantly aware of all those body parts.  And I don't like it.  I was much happier when my body was just kind of there; it pretty much did what I wanted it to do, when I wanted it to, with a minimum of fuss.  Now my body is a whiny, grouchy thing that is often very uncooperative.  Sigh.

Sooooo, since I can't reverse time - or even its effects, at least in any significant way - I have a puppy.  He doesn't actually "fix" anything, but he makes me smile, and that sure helps.