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Checking in before checking out

I have to tell you that March has not been a very fun month.  I started it off with that week-long migraine, spent about another week and a half still having rebound headaches, plus (for some strange reason) nothing that I ate tasted right.  I felt as though I were slurping all my food through a dirty exhaust pipe or something.  Of course, having a stinking headache and a bad taste in your mouth cuts down drastically on the whole stress-eating thing, so I have lost some weight this month!  Silver lining, right? 

Anyway, this last week things have finally begun settling down a little.  Food tastes better, the headaches are not as bad - heck, I even got the house cleaned up!   We had friends over last night for dinner and movies, and it was a blast.  Today we're taking the kids and going to see "How to Train  Your Dragon", because we've been waiting impatiently for what seems like a very long time for it to hit the theaters.  Tomorrow is church, which is always good, and the middle school youth are coming to our house tomorrow night.    My sister is also coming to see me (yay!), so I'm really looking forward to that.   

Then comes Monday, though.  Monday morning I get to wake up bright and early - and hungry - and Melinda is going to drive me to the hospital to have sinus surgery.   I am having a deviated septum repaired, enlarged turbines reduced, and very narrow sinus passages enlarged.  It's outpatient surgery, and according to the doctor it's not horribly invasive or anything (although I'm thinking that running a bunch of stuff up my nose is pretty invasive, but what do I know?).   Then I get to come home and be drugged up for a couple days, which my sister informs me will provide her with endless opportunities for amusement.   Hopefully once everything heals up my headaches will be greatly diminished, which is a wonderful thought.  

So, since I've been pretty much MIA this month, and the next week or so isn't looking too good on the blogging front either, I figured I should check in and let the world know I'm still alive and kicking.  I should be functional enough to type before Easter, but just in case - I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!   Enjoy the sunshine, folks!


    Well, I had my follow-up visit with my doctor, and it did NOT go as expected!   Let me tell you, I was baffled then and I'm still baffled now.  I have never even heard of such a thing.

I went in to the office on Tuesday, thinking that it was a simple follow-up visit from my ER experiences and that I would ask my dr. (as instructed by the ER personnel) to please refer me to a neurologist.  What I got instead was a complete dressing-down.  There was no reason for me to go the ER over the weekend when he'd seen me on Friday (what, I have to have his permission to be in pain?);  I didn't trust his judgement, and he was offended that I'd asked to see a sinus specialist (he told me that "they can't do anything for you that I can't" - oh, except maybe surgery?); and - this was the one that really baffled me - I'd never thanked him for diagnosing my son's appendicitis.   Huh?  He claimed that we'd taken the boy to the ER and urgent care before coming to him (not true) and that we never so much as said "thank you"  (also not true).  Then he whined some about how we don't see eye to eye, so I said "Sorry for wasting your time, give me my bill and I'll get out of here!"  To which he sulkily replied "No, I'll just void it."   I said "thanks" and marched out the door.

   What gets me is, where the heck did all that come from?  He acted like a hormonal teenage girl who just got dissed for Homecoming court or something!   I am the first to admit that I like to ask a lot of questions in the doctor's office; I figure this is the only body I have, and I really want to know what's going on when something seems to be wrong.  Apparently this guy takes questions or requests for second opinions as a personal affront.   I do try to be very diplomatic in my phrasing, because I know that I am NOT a doctor and I don't want to give the impression that I think I know it all.  However, I do know my body and what is normal or not for me most of the time, and generally if I have a gut feeling that something isn't right, it isn't.   Still, courtesy rules, you know?  I'm not going to be rude to anyone, even if I disagree with them.   It would seem that just wanting to know is unacceptable to this fellow, though. 

Am I crazy for thinking he was out of line?  Honestly, he jumped on me as soon as he came in the door, and I'm still trying to figure out what set him off.   Even if he hated my guts, as long as I paid my bills and didn't abuse him in any way, I really don't think he had any business acting like that.  

So now I have to find a new family physician who is on our insurance plan (yay) and start all over again.  Of course, now I'm totally gun-shy about the whole deal.  Can I ask questions?  What if I really am still worried about an issue - are you going to yell at me about not trusting your judgement?  Do you even really care about my pain, or do you just care about being unquestionably right?   ARGH!!   I wonder if my vet would take me in....

And then I said "Pain? What is pain?" -

Because I'm stupid like that, you know - so my body obligingly said "Here moron, I'll show you pain!" and I got a migraine that lasted a whole freaking WEEK and woke me up at night and made me sick to my stomach.  Then I went to the doctor once and the ER twice and got lots and lots of drugs, the end.

Seriously, I started this migraine last Monday - March 1st - and today it is still with me, although thankfully much diminished at the moment.    I get these little lovelies periodically,  but usually they only last a day or two at most and subside at night enough for me to sleep.  Not this time!  And to top that off, my migraine meds weren't working at all.  Not at all.   

Thursday seemed like it was going to be better (sing praise, sing praise!) but about 5:30 or so in the afternoon, the headache came back with a vengeance.   That night I was sick as a dog.....why are people sick as dogs?  don't other animals get sick too?  something to ponder at another time, I suppose....and Friday I went to my doctor's office and said "Fix this NOW!"  or words to that effect.   Nice man made worried noises and showed me his concerned face and had the nice nurse pop a couple shots of painkillers and muscle relaxers in my backside, and I went home and slept like the dead for about four hours.   Then I woke up and wished I was dead for several hours, at which time my poor long-suffering husband said "We are going to the ER!  Now!"  So I graciously allowed him to take me to the hospital, where they drugged me up some more and sent me home to sleep like the dead again.   Then - well, I bet you can guess what happened next. 

Did you guess?  I bet you were right, too - back to the ER!  This time I had a different doctor who gave me his personal, super-secret migraine-away drug cocktail that actually seems to have worked.  At least I can sit upright and type without whimpering pathetically that my brain is exploding and would someone please shoot me NOW?!?   I'm not sure I'm making a lot of sense, but that's actually pretty normal for me.  :-)   Tomorrow I'm supposed to call my regular doctor and have him set me up with a neurologist, because this week's happenings have been waaaaaaaaaaaay far out of my "normal" range of migraine experience.   

   Sooooo, that's been my week.  Oh, and I get to have sinus surgery March 29th, because I am just lucky that way, and also it might help with the headaches.  Or at least make me a better nose-harp musician.

One nice thing out of all this is how amazing my kids have been - they've really stepped up and taken care of things around the house, without a word of complaint.   I am so proud of them.  Plus I lost five pounds!   :-)  See, life isn't so bad, is it?