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Sweet 16

Today my sweet daughter Faith celebrates her 16th birthday.  I can't believe it's gone this quickly....wasn't it just last week that she was a pudgy baby with rosy cheeks, laughing at her big brother?  Or a toddler with long dark curls, carrying a kitten in her arms as a huge smile lit her face?  Now she's a beautiful young woman.

Fortunately, my girl is more than just a pretty face.  Faith has a strength of character that many adults can only dream of, and convictions that aren't shaken by the whims of those around her.  She's practical, responsible and focused, but has a great sense of humor and a laugh that is absolutely contagious.  And she is talented - her dream is to become an artist, probably doing anime-type work, and she's already good.  Really good. 

As you can tell, I'm very proud of my girl.  When I had Luke, my first-born, I remember thinking that I wouldn't care if all I ever had was boys.  I'm so glad God didn't listen to me, because I can't imagine not having my daughter.  She is such a joy, words don't begin to cover it.  Happy birthday, honey.  I love you. 

Oh dear

    After my last post I thought to myself, "Self, you need to get your backside to the beading table and BEAD!  Bead like the wind, woman!"  And so I did!  I actually got going and came up with some pretty good pieces and had a couple decent bursts of inspiration, and the pile of bling began to grow.  There are necklaces and bracelets there now that are NOT carnelian.   There are funky convertable pieces and classy, regal pieces.  And I looked at my work and said, "Hey, I'm doing okay here!"

    Then I bent over this morning after taking my shower to pick a towel up off the floor, and threw my back so far out that I'm pretty sure it left the state.   I'll spare you the unpleasant details, but you might want to take a moment and send some warm fuzzy thoughts to my darling daughter.  She had to help me put on my pants....not something I really wanted to do to her at this age, you know?  

 Once I managed to limp out to the van (eldest son very uncharitably called it "waddling"), Luke drove me to the chiropractor.  Apparently I'm waaaaaaaaaaay out of whack, chiropractically speaking.  The dr. adjusted me and put me on the traction table and by the end of it all, I was at least able to walk upright.  I have to go back Wednesday and Friday for further tweaking, though.   It seems that my posture is very poor, and the combination of bad posture, tension (self-induced, but still there) and hours of bending over beads have combined to do me in.  I am not happy. 

    So right now I'm sitting here with my back carefully supported and an ice-pack on the most painful area, trying to figure out what I can do to continue working without screwing myself up any worse.   Obviously I need to work on my posture (why can I hear my Mom saying "I told you to stand  up straight!"?).  I think a different chair for my work area is a good idea.  Some careful stretching might be helpful.   And ibuprofen is my friend.   I never knew beading could be so painful!

Warning signs

Today is June 2.  The Big Show begins June 25.  I have 23 days to create my biggest pile of bling ever, and instead I'm sitting here typing about how panicked I am.  Productive?  Not so much.

   The first creeping tendrils of panic began to work their way into my mind last week, when I spent several hours (yes, hours) on a necklace that I thought was going to be brilliant, only to finish it and realize that it was total crap.   It took me a few days to be able to take it apart and start over, I was so ticked.  I've already lost track of how many times I've ripped other pieces out to re-do them.  There has also been an awful lot of "Okay, now I need ______ - where is it?  Oh crud, I don't have any.  Now what?".   Very frustrating.

My favored colors are jewel tones, with black and silver.  Yet somehow, as I was looking over what I have so far, the vast majority of my pieces are earth tones with gold or copper.  What's up with that?  Apparently there's a little gremlin in the back of my head who really, really loves carnelian.  Go figure.  I just hope the little monster is in touch with what people will want to buy, because he's really throwing me for a loop.  I don't want folks walking away from my booth saying "Wow, some of that stuff was really nice, but why didn't she have any blue/purple/red pieces?  I would've bought some of that!"   Because I'm here to tell you that what you see in stores is NOT necessarily indicative of what people will buy at an event like this.

Really, every time you do a show it's a crap shoot.  SO many factors affect how you do at any given show.   Local economy, weather, booth location, booth set-up, on and on and on...every time, I just do as much as I can and pray for a good outcome.  And I guess that's what I should be doing right now, eh? 

Okay, so a little less panic and a little more production, coming right up.  (But I'm still kinda freaked.)