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I ought to __________

Today is one of those days when I ought to be doing about a bazillion other things, but instead I'm parked in front of the computer with Frodo sitting in my lap, blogging.   (I'm blogging, not the dog.  Just to be clear.)  Our small group Bible study is meeting here tonight and I still need to dust (or plant potatoes, haven't decided) and shower and make Sugar Cream Pie.  Yes, pie.  I'm not much of a pie-maker, but this stuff is super easy and ooooooohhhhh so good, so that's what I'm doing. 

Then tomorrow morning I'm leaving to visit my sister for a couple days, and I need to clean out my van and take out some seats and load some stuff I'm taking her, and oh yeah, I should maybe pack at least some clean underwear and my blankie....and leave lists for the kids, and make sure there's plenty of milk and dog food (no, the kids don't eat the dog food, but the four dogs sure do) and coordinate hubby's clothes for the next couple days.  He's a brilliant man but suffers from a bizarre inability to match shirts and pants.  Go figure.

So, yeah, lots of stuff I ought to be doing right now, but as I said, I'm sitting on my arse.  And oddly enough, I am experiencing no guilt whatsoever.  I've been pretty busy lately, and we've had a stinky rotten cold working its way through the family, and I figure I deserve a few minutes on my patootie.  Plus Frodo is a really good little snuggle-buddy and it tickles me no end when he gets in my lap and looks up at me appealingly and rests his little chin on my shoulder.  I just melt.  He's a great little dog. 

Besides, all the major stuff is done.....vacuuming, mopping, blah blah blah.....the boys will take care of the van for me, and if I forget to take something to Melinda's, well, she'll just have to come see me for a bit!   Really I think I ought to just enjoy a few minutes of relaxation here.  I think you ought to, too.