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Random, random, random

    I have about the same degree of focus and mental clarity today that one would expect from a drunken monkey (oh look, a banana!).  Given that fact, this post will probably make absolutely no sense.  Or it may wind up being incredibly profound.  I'm betting on the former.

    The clock is ticking down toward Thanksgiving, at which time we are taking a family road trip to Florida to spend the holiday with Jon's parents.  I am not ready.  I'm just beginning to adjust to colder weather (a week in FL will definitely throw that out of whack); I strongly suspect that Seth may have already outgrown the clothes he wore this summer;  I'm truly afraid that my poor, decrepit van won't survive the trip; and (as always) there seems to be more days in the month than the ol' paycheck can cover.  However, in the spirit of "keep calm and carry on", I have begun to think about packing.  I thought about it for - oh - 30 seconds or so.  Then the world got dark around the edges and I had to lie down for a bit.  It's going to be an interesting trip, for sure.

    If Thanksgiving is just around the corner, that means Christmas is behind it pushing it and saying "Get outta my way!", which leads us back to the whole more month than paycheck issue.  I have grand and glorious hopes of reopening my Etsy store and making a million dollars before December 24th, so I can shop like a madwoman and still have everthing under the tree on Christmas morning.  It's a beautiful dream, isn't it?  The reality is that I'll be lucky if I get the store up and running by Dec. 24th, and I'm going to have to make my millions at the Warm and Cozy Bazaar in bustling Hartland, MI on Dec. 4th.  Open 9 to 4, come and see me, everyone!  

    Husband's level of joy in his work continues its downward slide.  In the 24 years we've been together (ohmygosh, REALLY?!?  24???)  I have never seen him so miserable in a job - and he's had a couple of doozies, let me tell you.   To flourish in this position, he would have to be everything he's not - pushy, insensitive, self-promoting, etc. etc. etc.  We are looking, but as everyone knows, jobs aren't exactly just waiting to be plucked off the employment tree these days!     Once again, keeping calm and carrying on....    

    The band is going pretty well, I think - so far no-one has thrown rotten produce at me or demanded that I be replaced, which is encouraging.  Seriously, I'm getting the hang of it, and I really love being part of this group.   They have all been so encouraging and welcoming to me.  It can be awkward to come into something like this as a "replacement", because all too often you're made to feel like second best.  That hasn't happened here at all.  I'm really grateful to be doing this.

    I actually finished a piece of knitting - wait, wait, put your head down and breathe deeply for a minute - there, you're fine!  I made a moebius scarf from Cat Bordhi's book "A Treasury of Magical Knitting".  If you ever want to feel like a genius, make one of these.  The process looks ridiculously impossible when you start, but somehow you wind up with a really cool piece of knitting.  The only setback I had was Frodo.  For some reason, my wee dog took a violent dislike to this project, and whenever I thoughtlessly left it in his reach, he'd do his level best to destroy it.  Once I walked into the living room to find him prancing about with the scarf draped around his middle like a woolly tutu, the ball of yarn trailing merrily behind.  I'm still not sure how he accomplished that.  Fortunately it looked so funny that I laughed instead of turning him into slippers. 

    I have a new favorite glass - Reichenback Multicolor Dark.  Oh my stars, this stuff is beautiful!  It's a striking glass, which means that it changes color depending on how you work it.  It starts out in the rod looking sort of mulberryish - not too exciting - but as you work it in the flame, it goes from acid green to a whole spectrum of deep, lovely blues and purples, with occasional flashes of fuchsia.   Yes, I'm drooling.  Plus it plays very nicely with my favorite silver-green frit....sigh.....I've already got some necklaces designed with these beads, if I can just stop petting them long enough to string them!  :-)

    The pet population is currently stabilized at four dogs and seven cats.  Since the cats are barn kitties,  the numbers can fluctuate unpredictably (thanks to coyotes, neighbor dogs, etc.) but this group seems to be pretty smart about staying out of trouble.  We do provide them with multiple "safe spots" where they can get in but dogs or whatever can't fit.   Faith's little Boston terrier puppy is a hoot.  He's up to about 5.5 lbs and has no fear of anything.  In Boris's head, he rules the world!  He and Frodo play like crazy things for hours on end - it's hilarious to watch them.  Frodo's not very big, but Boris can literally walk right under him.  We all get a huge kick out of the two of them.

    Well, that's about all that's going on right now.  Random enough?  :-)  Hopefully everyone out there is carrying on just as we are.  Chin up and let's go!



Thanks for the laugh. I really needed the pick me up this morning.

Brady Cartee

Random enough? Haha, very!

Anyways, I think it would do you great to travel, to get a breather from things. Maybe it will help your randomness head on to the right track. =D

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