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My girl and my guy

    I'm a few days late with this one, but - Happy Birthday, Faith!  Darling daughter turned 17 on June 10th.    We had a great day with the birthday girl.  Jon and Luke both had the day off (it was a Friday) so we got to spend the whole day as a family, just hanging out.  She's really wanted to see the new X-Men movie, so we went to that, then came home and stuffed ourselves on birthday food.   Faith is very low-key so there wasn't a lot of razzle-dazzle going on, but it was a really nice day.  

Today, of course, is Father's Day, so I wanted to acknowledge my awesome hubby Jon for his fantastic parenting.  I truly think he is a wonderful dad, and our kids are very blessed to have him.  He loves us all so well.   I'm constantly telling the boys to watch their dad, because he's the best example they'll find of a great husband and father - and they agree with me!  


One down?

I've always wondered what it would feel like when the kids go out on their own. Actually, I've wondered if the kids would ever go out on their own. (Don't judge me, you wonder the same thing!) As a parent you're always questioning if you've "done it right". Are they responsible? Independent? Will they be able to hold a job, maintain a relationship, keep up with their laundry? Well, I'm finally reaching the point where some of those questions can be answered. Not all of them, not for all three kids, but I have some answers.

A couple weeks ago our landlord had the French doors that lead into the back yard/patio area replaced. The company he hired is owned by a local guy, and he and his crew were very friendly and pleasant to have around. (Can't say that about every contractor!) During one little chat, the owner jokingly asked me if I needed a job, since I'd just told him that Jon has "trained" me quite well over the years as far as helping with home repairs. I replied that I didn't, but my oldest son sure needed a job. Greg said "Sure, have him call me!" So Luke called, and to our surprise, Greg hired him and started him the next morning.

Now, this is Luke's first job. Ever. So Mommy was a little nervous about how her boy would do. Greg's company does home repairs and renovations, and while Luke has helped us out with a lot of things over the past few years, he's not at the "skilled craftsman" level yet, you know? Not to mention that much of what they do is just plain hard work, in miserable heat. But Luke has been amazing. He's done whatever they asked of him, without complaint, no matter how tedious or boring it was. The result, in just two weeks, is that he's being treated more and more as a full member of the crew. He's learning all sorts of skills that will serve him well in the future, no matter what career he chooses. He's earning money for his own car and, hopefully, college. I'm so proud of him I could pop.

So, those answers? Well, when it comes to Luke, I'm very reassured. If the past couple weeks are any indication, he's going to do just fine when he finally flies solo. I'll always be mom, but soon that will be more of an advisory position than anything. And that's just how it should be.