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Fall already?

    I cannot believe that September is almost gone.  What happened?  Did I blink?  Oh, no, I know - I moved.   Again.  For the second time in six months.  Am I crazy?  Why, yes, thank you for noticing! 

    We're still in South Carolina, but we've moved to Columbia.   It means a fairly significant drive to work for Jon  (allow me to point out that this was primarily his idea, though) but gets us much closer to pretty much everything else we want to do/see/be involved in.   And it's an hour farther north!  Yay! 

    Seriously, we've found a church that we all really like and want to be involved with, and living where we did made that very difficult.  There are activities available for all of us, but all (of course!) on different days and at different times.  It seemed more reasonable to move and have just one person doing the longer drive than to have three drivers and vehicles going back and forth all the time.    Now we're six miles from church and less than five miles from anything else we could possibly need - stores, restaurants, you name it.   The neighborhood is very quiet and seems very safe, which is nice.  And I do like this house - we added a bedroom and a half-bath, which makes daily life far more pleasant.  It's in a housing development, which I'm not crazy about, but for a year I can take it.    (I have privacy issues - the other houses are just too close here!)   So here we are, and I hope to goodness I can find all my clothes and such soon, because I'm getting tired of the same three outfits! 

    It's strange to be in the south right now; if we were still in Michigan, it would already be chilly at night and we'd be driving to Diehl's for cider and donuts.  I'd be prepping for my fall craft shows and making pumpkin bread and oatmeal cake.  The kids would be showing me just how much they've grown over the summer by modeling ridiculously too-small sweaters and jeans.  Instead, I'm sitting here in shorts  and hoping the temps don't climb back into the upper 80's again - it rained hard last night and this morning, and the humidity would be horrible. 

    I'm trying hard to adjust my attitude about being here.  I've been far too whiny and dissatisfied, which isn't fair to Jon at all considering that I fully participated in the decision to move south.    For some reason this move has been really difficult, though, and I'm not sure why.    I just can't seem to accept the idea that we may be here long-term, and the kids are the same way.  We've encouraged them to get involved with youth group, etc., but they're still struggling with connecting too - not unexpected with Faith, but decidedly unusual for Seth.   That's part of the reason I haven't been blogging, to be honest.  I've been so grouchy and unhappy that I just didn't want to spill that out all over the internet - who needs to read my whininess?   Apparently I've decided that today it's okay, though (although trust me, I am still filtering!).   

    Anyway, that's where we are right now.   We're settling in physically, but mentally and emotionally?  Still an awful lot of boxes to unpack.