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The end before the beginning

        That sounds like the title of a "Bones" episode, but it's not.  :-)  It's just the best thing I could come up with for this end-of-the-year post.   I've been  composing this in my head for several days now and I'm still not satisfied, but time is running out, so away we go!

        2011 has been a year full of changes for us.  We're in a different part of the country, Jon's in a different industry, we're living in a completely different housing situation....sometimes it makes my head spin.   Luke graduated from high school, went to prom and proved that he could hold down a very challenging job and do it well.  Faith entered her senior year and became a published poet.   Seth has grown both physically and emotionally and has made tremendous improvement in how he deals with his anxiety issues.    I'm very proud of my kids and their progress this year. 

        I'm also very proud of my husband.  This job has been incredibly challenging for him, simply because it's so different from anywhere he's worked over the past 20 years.   The structure has been difficult to deal with at times, but he hangs in there and keeps working to make improvements.   I think he's awesome.  (He won't let me call his boss and say that, though.)

        Looking to 2012, I'm sure there will be more changes in store.  After all, that's life, right?  I know that whatever comes, we'll get through it with God's help and each other, and that's good enough for me.   Happy New Year!

A little visual

    I thought I'd dig up a picture of Boris, since he's been the "star" of the blog this month.  He's grown a bit since this was taken, but getting him to sit still for a picture is almost impossible.  Sorry it's so big, I'm not very good at the whole sizing thing yet. 

Boris pic for blog


        Today is the final day of Blogfestivus, and I just published my final post.  I'm a little disappointed in myself for not keeping on schedule better, but hey, I got 'er done!   It was interesting, trying to come up with something that met the guidelines of the challenge.  I'm not usually that structured, so this was good experience. 

        By the way, in case anyone's wondering, we do have a Boston terrier named Boris.  He's my daughter's pride and joy, and a continual source of amusement for all of us.  We also have three other dogs - Shyla, a Lab/greyhound mix we rescued;  Zeus, a Heinz 57 pup that we took at 6 weeks so he wouldn't be sent to the shelter  (incidentally, he's now almost 70 lbs!); and Frodo, a Jack Russell terrier/chihuahua mix, who is my constant shadow.   Yes, it gets a little crazy at times, but we love them all dearly, and the laughter and joy we get from our dogs makes it all worth it.   Zeus and Boris are best buddies, and it's so funny to watch them play together.  We worry sometimes that Zeus will get distracted and accidentally inhale Boris! 

        So that's where "Boris's Christmas" came from.  I hope someone enjoyed it! 

Boris's Christmas, Part 4

        As Boris watched the Christmas show,  he explored this strange new idea of Christmas happiness without snow.  While ten "lords" leaped around dressed as candy canes, he pondered what really made Christmas special.   Was it really the snow?  Or was it something else?

        Boris's buddies Zeus, Frodo and Shyla wandered into the room.   Seeing that he was deep in thought, they settled down to keep him company, while eleven pipers piped madly and twelve drummers were drumming away in the background.   Boris looked around at them, grateful for their company and support.   What a lucky pup he was, to have such good friends!

        Then it hit him!  Snow wasn't what made Christmas special.  The joy in Christmas came from being with the ones you love.   As Boris thought of the blessings he had, he realized it would indeed be a wonderful Christmas after all.

Boris's Christmas, Part 3

    Boris sat up slowly and shook his head.  What a crazy dream!  Why in the world would he dream about seven swans swimming in his bathtub?  Maybe he'd snitched too many pieces of pepperoni off the boy's plate last night.

    After a leisurely stroll around the yard, Boris sat down to once again consider the lack of snow in South Carolina.  He'd heard the parent-people talking about a snow machine, but he was pretty sure they were joking.  The mom person sure milked it, though - like eight maids, even!   Still, it didn't seem too realistic.

    The boy turned on the tv to watch a Christmas special with nine ladies dancing in fancy costumes.  They seemed so light and happy, but Boris could see there was no snow around them either.  For the first time, Boris wondered - could he have a merry Christmas without snow?

Boris's Christmas, Part 2

        After a long night of contemplating his situation, Boris was no closer to a solution.   He knew that it simply wasn't right for the six geese in the pond across the street to be laying this time of year, but what could he do?   After all, they were just doing what comes naturally.  It wasn't their fault that the southern weather had confused them. 

        Boris curled up in his favorite chair, frustrated and sad.  He knew his girl missed the snow too, but she wasn't old enough to go back north without her parents.  The girl's mom was eager to go, but circumstances just weren't right.   It certainly seemed a complicated business, being human! 

        Zeus, Boris's best friend, wandered into the room.    Clearly concerned by Boris's sad demeanor, he tried to cheer up his buddy to no avail.  Finally he joined Boris in contemplation. 

Boris's Christmas (A Blogfestivus serial story)

        Boris the  Boston sat mournfully by the front window, gazing at the sunny South Carolina skies.    The reason for his gloom?  No snow.  Boris was a northern pup, and the southern version of Christmas just wasn't working for him.  Instead of a partridge in a pear tree, there was a parrot in a palm.  The two turtledoves were snuggled up under a blanket on Myrtle Beach, while the three French hens were screaming for the Gamecocks.  The four calling birds sounded like rejected extras from "Gone With The Wind", their southern drawls resounding annoyingly in Boris's sensitive ears.  As for the five gold rings - well, Boris would have sold them all in a heartbeat for a ticket back to the snowy north.   Boris waggled his crooked tail thoughtfully as he considered his situation.   How was he going to get through this snowless Christmas?

I'm late, I'm late!

        What a crazy Thanksgiving!  We made the 10+ hour drive to Ohio on Wednesday; by Friday morning an ambulance was whisking Mom to the hospital.   Right now we're mostly thankful for incredible doctors and nurses (especially the nurses and PCAs!) at Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna, OH.   Everyone did a spectacular job of caring for Mom as she was tested, poked, prodded and otherwise investigated.   In the end she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and after extensive testing the doctors said her heart is fine.   It was definitely not the most enjoyable holiday we've had, but we're very grateful that it wasn't much worse.

        Before Thanksgiving I signed up for a blog challenge:  for the first 12 days of December, write a 144 word blog post using the appropriate phrase from "The 12 Days of Christmas".  You know, day 1 - partridge in a pear tree.   Well, I am obviously three days behind, but I'm going to give it a shot.  There will be another post after this, combining the first three days  (and if I don't count my words properly, sue me!).     I'm sure you are all waiting eagerly to see if I can make this work.  All I can say is, get may be a bumpy ride!