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Not exciting

        I am in a quandary here, folks.  I have a blog (duh).  I have a life (also duh).  My blog is supposed to be about my life, more or less.  However, I would very much like for my blog to be fun and interesting to read and maybe even (occasionally) throught-provoking, and that's where the problem comes along.  See, my life - which is what provides the material for this blog - is not exciting.   I mean,  really  not exciting.   

        Now, generally speaking, I am okay with not having an exciting life, because in my experience people who lead exciting lives generally have lots of stress and angst and such, and frequently die young because of all the excitiement.   In this instance, though, I am choosing to interpret "exciting" as "really interesting for other people to read about", and folks, I ain't.   There's just no way around it.  

        I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit recently,  and I figure I have two very obvious options.  One, close down the blog, because really, what's the point?  Not exciting, remember?   Or two, find a way to make my life exciting and interesting for other people to read about, without becoming a skydiver or whatever.   Naturally I would prefer option two, because that would be more fun for me too.  But how? 

         Since I am somewhat lacking in  inspiration at the moment, I'd like some ideas.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas for me to try, send 'em on!   (This is a family show, so keep it clean, folks!)    I'm waiting!