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        After my last post, the feedback I got was all along the lines of "write whatever you want".  I'm vastly relieved by this, as I had a secret fear that one of you would challenge me to skydive or barefoot waterski or some other not-on-your-life activity.   Blathering on about nothing much is a lot easier.  :-)

        January and February were pretty quiet here, so let me give you some back story.   About the first of the year I began having a lot of back pain - different than anything I've had before, both in the type of pain and the intensity.   I couldn't even drive without whimpering, which is very disconcerting to the children.   After playing the martyr for a bit, I finally buckled and went to the chiropractor, thinking I'd just tweaked my sacroiliac worse than usual.   A couple weeks of treatment went by without any improvement, though, so the doc sent me for an MRI.   Much to my joy, I discovered I had two severely herniated discs, some pretty major inflammation in the vertebra between them, and a good start on arthritis in my lower spine.  

    (heehee - I just realized I said "back story" and then started talking about my back...pun-intentional!)

        Anyway, I began decompression therapy, which is a fancy way of saying I get strapped down on this big machine and it streeeeeeetches me.  The idea is that it relieves the pressure on the discs while gently straightening the spine.   I was doubtful at first, but in so much pain I was willing to give it a shot.  Now I am a convert!   It is amazing how much it's helped.   After the first session I was able to get into my van without pain, for the first time in weeks.   I need to do exercises to work on my core strength, but my sessions on "the rack" have been life-savers.    Who knew a medieval torture instrument could be altered to do such good?  :-)

        Apart from my back issues, it's pretty much been life as usual.  I'm still having some - ah - attitude issues,  shall we say, with living in South Carolina.   They've improved, but some days I still just want to get in the car and head north to stay.   We're slowly starting to meet more people and make some friends, which has helped a lot.  However, one thing I just realized earlier today is a large part of my discontent;  we don't have our own house.   Oh, sure, we're living in a house by ourselves, but it's not ours.   I don't have the right to paint the walls or pull up carpet or anything like that.   And I like to do that stuff, you know?  Colorful paint jobs  and I have a long-standing love affair, and this house is almost uniformly beige.  The kitchen, powder room and master bath are an odd rust-brown, and the other bath is yellow.  Everything else is some shade of blech.   If we'd bought this house, I guarantee you that at the very least the downstairs would be painted by now, and probably all the bedrooms too.   I am dying to whip out the paintbrushes and rollers and just go to town.    I think I'm house-sick,  instead of homesick.   I miss having my own house to play with and decorate.    Funny that it took me this long to realize that, but then again, I've never said I was a quick study. 

        So, since we aren't in a position to buy a house right now - anyone need any painting done?  :-)