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Waiting is not my favorite thing

    If I didn't know better, I'd think God was trying to teach me patience, because He is certainly giving me every opportunity to practice that particular virtue.  Actually, I don't  know better, and that's probably exactly what He's doing. 

    I don't like it.

    The house situation is coming along, slow but steady.  As of this very moment, it looks like we might even make our desired closing date, which will be fantastic.  But oy, the waiting!  The waiting, and the "oh-that's-not-what-I-thought- it-was-gonna-be", and the "this-has-never-happened-before", and some more waiting, and then some mild panic with a teeny dose of "gotta-run-run-run-NOW", and then....yep....more waiting.   As a public service, if anyone is tempted to buy a Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation property, brace yourselves.  Straightforward it is not.  We are comforting ourselves with the notion that it will all be worth it in the end, while trying not to think about just how far off that end may be. 

    If I'm honest, I guess it really hasn't taken that much longer than the normal process of buying a house, but that wouldn't make for very interesting blogging, now would it?  (heehee)  Really we're just so eager to get in there and start making the place home that any delay seems like too much.   I've been carrying around paint chips and flooring samples in my purse for weeks, and the people at Lowe's probably think we're some strange new breed of stalkers.  ("See those people?  They're in here every week,  and all the woman does is pet the refrigerators.  It's weird!")   The ideas are bubbling and I want to let 'em rip!

    We have had some lovely things happen while waiting.  The house is set up for a wall oven/cooktop arrangement  (which I prefer), but there are currently no appliances in it.  I was really trying to resign myself to a standard range, since they are soooooo much cheaper, when Husband found a fantastic 30" wall oven on Craig's List - along with a dishwasher and microwave!  All working, and all three for - get this - $100.  Really!   The owners decided they wanted to upgrade to stainless, so they removed their perfectly good white appliances and sold them to us.  I like white, especially for what I'm planning for this kitchen, so how perfect was that?   That means more of our appliance budget can now be shifted to a cooktop and that big ol' bottom-mount fridge that I've been lusting after. 

    The house is on three acres, which is obviously a little too much to push-mow  (heat stroke, anyone?), but we sold our riding mower when we left Michigan.  Surprise, surprise - Husband's company has a "test model" program that allows a limited number of employees to take a riding mower home for their personal use, as long as they agree to document hours used, any problems, etc.  So we have an enormous zero-turn radius mower now that has Jon and the boys positively drooling.  I foresee fights over who gets to mow the yard for the first few months.....

    So we keep waiting for a little bit longer, and before we know it we'll be painting and patching and mowing and baking and generally making ourselves a new nest here.  As much as I dislike having to wait, this will be worth it. 

Something's coming

        First off, I am a baaaaad blogger!   It seems strange to me that I can't (don't) blog more, when I so love to talk.  Go figure.  Anyway, sorry for the long dry spell!

        I believe I mentioned being "house-sick" in my last post, meaning that I miss having a house of my own to play with and fix up.  Well, it would seem that my longing to paint and mend and so on may be fulfilled in the near future.  We actually found a house that we can afford, with some land, and it's not a total dump!  Woohoo!  It's a foreclosed property, which means some different hoops to jump through, and it definitely needs a good bit of TLC.   But oh, it's so quiet....three acres of grass and trees and aaaahhhhh!  Plus a workshop for Jon and I to share, another outbuilding for storage (and barn kitties), and an in-ground pool.   

        Am I excited?  Yes I am!  Am I slightly terrified?  Yes, I am!!  First of all, the type of loan we have to get (yes, have to get) for this house specifies that an appraiser has to go over the house and tell us what he/she thinks needs to be done to make it "livable".   Then those things have to be done by a licensed contractor.   The loan includes a certain percentage beyond the purchase price for the fixes.  However, if the to-do list runs over that amount, we either have to eat it up front, or choose to withdraw our offer.   It's difficult because everything that we've seen so far (and we've had multiple inspections already) is very fixable with some common sense and elbow grease.  We know what we're doing with home repair, we've done it all before, but whatever the appraiser calls out has to be done by contractor.   So we're a bit worried about what the appraiser is going to think "must" be done. 

        Second, even though there's nothing terrifyingly huge that needs fixed, there is a LOT of little stuff that is going to be fairly time-consuming.  The previous owners really did some incredibly bizarre  (read: mind-bogglingly stupid) things around this house, and it's going to be a lot of work to get everything put right again.

        Still, everything so far seems to be looking good for us, so we're plugging along.  In some ways it will be almost like starting from scratch, because every room needs work.  All new paint, new floors, you name it.....but the kitchen is huge and open and full of light, and there's a lovely stone fireplace in the living room with a carved mantel, and the front of the house is lined in the most gorgeous azaleas you've ever seen.    I really think it's going to be worth the work.  So, friendly readers, please cross your fingers for us!   This may be just what we need to really be "home" here.