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Guess I haven't learned that lesson yet

    Believe it or not, our intended closing date for the house has come and gone, and we did not close.  There was no closing whatsoever.  We are still not closed, and we are praying fervently and frantically that we will be able to close by the 31st of this month.   I am reluctantly forced to conclude that I haven't yet learned my lesson about patience.  This stinks.  :-/

    Of course, there's always plenty going on to keep us busy while we wait!   We've been to see "The Avengers" twice now, and hubby is greatly amused by how Faith and I react to it each time.  I'm a comic book fan from waaaaay back - not obsessive, but definitely interested - and this movie was absolutely fantastic.  I love the characters' development and interactions, the touches of humor, all of it.   Mark Ruffalo is my all-time favorite Bruce Banner/Hulk, even edging out Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.  His combination of self-deprecating charm and weary resignation to his situation make the character so relatable.   Robert Downey Jr. is always and forever going to be Tony Stark/Iron Man - who else has that mixture  of snark and charm?  Chris Hemsworth is a fabulous Thor,  with great growth in the character.  Chris Evans plays Captain Steve Rogers perfectly - a bit disillusioned, still trying to adjust to this new world he's found himself in, but also still dedicated to doing what's right.   Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye could have used a lot more screen time - great character and there's a lot of backstory there that would be interesting to know.  Ditto Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow - you get hints of her history, but just enough to tantalize.  And Tom Hiddleston as Loki?  Oh. My. Gosh.   Seriously, he's trying to bring down the planet, and all you want to do is hug the poor guy and tell him it's okay.   I LOVED this movie, and we will be buying the DVD the day it's released, guaranteed.

    Another little something that I've found to keep myself occupied has been Zumba classes.  Yep, I said Zumba.  I can only imagine how hard the instructor laughs on her way home, but God bless her, she keeps a straight face in class.  I was worried about the speed of the class, but I've been able to keep up pretty well.  There is no style or grace about my keeping up, granted, but at least I'm moving, and it's fun!   I'm trying to go two or three times a week right now, as life permits.  If nothing else it's good exercise for me and comic relief for everyone around me.  :-)

    So I'm dreaming about the Avengers and dancing through Zumba while waiting for my house.  What are you doing?

An unpleasant first

    This past Friday I got rear-ended.  It was a first, and not a happy one.  Thankfully everyone is okay and there was no major damage done to my car, but it was a bit of a shock nonetheless.  Here's the story....

    Friday before last a lovely white cat showed up at our door and declared his firm intention of being our new best friend forever, amen.  Faith was obviously thrilled  (crazy cat lady in training, that's my girl) and the rest of us were actually quite taken with him as well.  This is one of the most mellow cats I've ever seen.....ever.  No matter what was going on around him, he just purred like an outboard motor.   One of his more endearing tricks was to stand in Faith's lap, wrap his front paws around her neck in a "hug", and touch his nose to her chin very gently.   No-one in the neighborhood was missing a cat, and he had obviously been on his own for a bit.  Soooo, as you can imagine, we decided that he could stay.   Tuesday we took him to the vet.

    That's where things went south.   Our extremely sweet kitty was also extremely positive for FIV  (feline AIDS).  This meant that he had to be an indoors-only cat.  Unfortunately, our landlord allows dogs but not cats, and Seth (youngest son) is allergic to cats as well.  Barn cats he's okay with, house cats not so much.   We couldn't keep the kitty, and Faith was devastated.   The vet, who I think may deserve a halo, offered to keep him at the office for a few days so we could try to find a home for him.  We weren't having much luck until I shared the story with our realtor Jaye, who is also a Bible study friend.  Bless her heart, she said she'd take him in at least for a while, so we could keep looking for a forever home for him.   I let our vet know, and she took care of his shots, neutering, etc.   Which leads us to Friday!

    Friday afternoon Faith, Seth and I went and picked up the cat from the vet's office.   Husband had driven the van to Charlotte that day with several coworkers for some sort of corporate blah blah blah, so I was driving my little Volkswagon Beetle.  Now, mind you, the Bug is flame orange.  Not at all hard to see.  So imagine my thoughts when I glanced into the rearview mirror as we were waiting at a stoplight and saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee coming up behind us with (obviously) no intention of stopping.  I just had time to think "oh crap" and he hit us. 

    Thank God, it was rush hour on a street with a 35 mph speed limit, so traffic was backed up and he wasn't going very fast.  Still, it was quite a jolt.  Seth had just opened a bottle of pop, which spurted all over the inside of the car.  We all yelled.  And the cat?  The cat just laid there.  He was curled up in the back seat with Faith, and he literally never twitched.   Anyway, the young man driving the Jeep was horrified and apologetic, and I took the opportunity to remind him to PAY ATTENTION!!  (I'm a mom, what did you expect?)   Once all the legal niceties had been observed we went on our way to drop off the kitty, then went on home. 

    As of today, we're all still a little stiff from the impact but otherwise okay.  The car will need a new bumper and a little TLC, but it's perfectly drivable.   And I am so grateful that it wasn't worse.....if we'd been driving Luke's little Mazda Miata, that kid would probably still be picking pieces of it out of his Jeep's grill.  I am, however, seriously contemplating having a large neon display mounted on the back end of the Bug - something along the lines of "BRAKE!!!"