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La-la land

        I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but there are no pictures of the house here.  Nope, none at all.  This is because 1) I suck at taking pictures, and  b) I'm too tired to care.  We're loving the house, but it is a ton of work right now and will be that way for some time to come.  By the end of the day we all just sort of fall over into semi-comas, and that's it until morning.  Sooooo, no pictures yet.  Sorry.  :-(

     We "officially" moved in on the 21st, with the help of three strapping young men from church - and thank GOD for those guys, because we never would've made it otherwise!  A fair amount of our furniture is what you'd call "substantial", not to mention the baby grand piano, antique organ, etc. etc. etc.  Yeah, we got us some big stuff!   Jon and I have never been fans of the spindly, delicate-looking school of home furnishing;  our stuff is sturdy and lasting, but heavy to move.  Happily, Jonas, Aaron and Joe seemed to think that dragging our household goods around in 100-degree heat was good fun  (crazy guys) so everything is more or less in place now.  Well, the big pieces are in place.  Mostly.  The boxes and bins and piles of not-big stuff are....ummm.....everywhere.  We live in a cardboard maze.  But that's okay; it will all find a place eventually.

    All the contractor work is done now - cupboards, flooring, drywall repair, and - oh yeah, baby! - the POOL!!   We just have to shock it and backflush the pump, and we'll be swimming 24/7.  Okay, maybe not that much, but a lot!  The lovely thing is that we'll get sooooooo much more use from a pool here than we did in Michigan - longer season, overall hotter weather - we are VERY excited!  I fully expect youngest son to have gills by this fall.  It's actually kind of funny just how much enjoyment you can get from what is, essentially, a gigantic bucket of water.   But when it's 105 degrees and the humidity is at ungodly levels and you can steam your dinner on the your car's dashboard....a pool is a beautiful thing. 

    In the midst of our moving and settling and such, darling daughter has finally been able to satisfy her yearning for kitties.  Thanks to my sister and her neighbors (Hi Preston and Cindy!), we have two delightful orange tabbies who answer to "Milo" and "Charlie".  Milo is a talker - sometimes it's a little creepy, how much his meowing sounds like real words.  And Charlie has thumbs.  Faith is tickled to death with that.  They're both very mellow, friendly cats, who love to just hang out with you.  They don't mind the dogs  (a definite plus) and they love attention.    And since her daddy told her that she could have as many cats as she wanted once we got our own place again  (that'll teach him!), next week we're bringing home a momma cat and her six kittens.  Yes, all six.  Momma and two of the kittens are black and white; three kittens are solid black; and one is a feisty little sterling-gray tabby who I have named Stormageddon.  (bonus points if you know where that name comes from)  I think this should hold us for a bit, don't you?

    So that's the current status of our family.  Y'all come see us, y'hear?

We got it!

        We got it!  After waiting (and waiting, and then waiting some more, and then - oops, no, wait a little longer) we finally closed on our house July 3rd.  We're officially homeowners once again!  Wheeeeee!

    Let me tell you, the process was loooooooong - more than 90 days from offer submitted to closing - but we're tickled to death.  We've been spending every spare minute since closing working on the place.  Jon and the boys have trimmed and chopped and mowed like crazy things, so the outside already looks very different.  Inside, we've worked on plumbing and patching and painting - whatever the previous owners used for their paint, it was stout stuff.  I'm having to put two coats of primer AND two to three coats of paint to get coverage!  I have discovered the wonder that is a paint sprayer, though - you give up some precision for speed, but I'm okay with that.  It's a lot easier on my hands than hours with a roller, and latex cleans up pretty well.  The pool is being restored to working order  (hallelujah, with this heat we'll need it!) and various other bits and pieces are being worked on as well.  We won't be "finished" for a while yet, but it's coming together nicely. 

    I will try to get some pictures up in the next week or so, but I gotta tell you, at the end of the day I usually just fall over.  I don't know how my menfolk stood it, but they worked like troopers last week in this awful heat.  Apparently I'm not as tough as them, 'cause I need me some air conditioning!  Even with the a/c running I'm dripping sweat by the end of the day.....also paint,  which is harder to wash off.  I painted my kitchen green and came home with Hulk-hair.  :-)   After that I got smart (she can be taught!) and started wearing a bandanna over my noggin when I'm spraying. 

    As a public service announcement, allow me to tell you all that purchasing a house from Fannie Mae is slightly less fun than a root canal and may cause you to abandon your normal sunny outlook on life, at least temporarily.  The red tape and crazy hoops are extremely frustrating.  We did, however, get a killer deal on the property, so it was worth the hassle.  Sooooo, if anyone wants to visit South Carolina this winter - come on down!