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        That, dear reader, is the sound of the Grouchy family hitting the wall.  After two months' worth of frenzied painting, patching and organizing, our homeowner's mojo went flooey.   The last two or three weeks have been completely unproductive, at least in terms of household projects.   The basics are getting done (mostly), but that's it.   So when hubby called this morning and said, "Hey, we should probably make a to-do list and get back in gear", I said "Why yes, husband, that is a splendid idea!"    And then I poured myself another cup of coffee, because that's just what I do. 

        Really, we have a majority of the big projects done - the pool is finished, all the appliances are installed and working properly, my kitchen cabinets are stained....the things that are left are mostly things that are either just tedious  (more painting) or that need to wait a little bit longer  (new flooring in the kitchen).   Sadly, I can't push the tedious things off on anyone else, so I'm going to have to break out the paintbrushes again and get busy.   The living room, hallways, bathrooms and music room need painted, and I am not looking forward to it.  The living room and hallways shouldn't be too bad - a little bit of spackling, some creative work with the ladder (living room has a vaulted ceiling) and voila, new look!  The music room needs considerably more work - there are still wallpaper remnants to remove and quite a bit more patching to do before I can start painting.  And the bathrooms?  Oi, the bathrooms!  (insert dramatic eye-roll)  I'm not sure what happened to the bathrooms, but the walls are bad.  I think possibly someone tried to do a faux-Venetian plaster look in there, and failed dramatically.  The surfaces are horribly splotchy and uneven, the paint is peeling like a bad sunburn,  and there are borders in both baths that don't match the wall color.   On the plus side, the horrific walls do tend to discourage unnecessary loitering!  I'm still debating how to tackle the mess.

       There are still lots of other things to do as well, but since I'm the designated painter I tend to focus on that and let hubby and kids work at the other stuff.  Of course I do retain the right to offer creative input!  :-)   Wiring and such is really beyond me - if Jon needs help, I do whatever he tells me to do, but that's as far as it goes.     I am excited at the idea of getting my torching space set up soon.  Since it's finally starting to cool down a little bit, I'm champing at the bit to get back to making beads.  I may have to share the space with the kittens for a little bit longer, but Jon assures me he'll make me a "cage" to keep them out of the glass.  At least I think that's what he means it for....maybe I should question him a little more about that! 

        One thing we have done in the last couple weeks was make a super-quick trip to Ohio for Jon's grandmother's 99th birthday party.  Grandma Kitson is still mighty spunky for 99, and she seemed really pleased that we made the trip to celebrate with her.  It was good to see all Jon's aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as his older brother and sister and their spouses.  We didn't get to visit nearly as long as we would have liked, but it was still fun! 

        So now I have to peel myself off the wall (figuratively speaking) and get back to work.  A homeowner's work is never done!