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Catching up

        Wow, I am SOOOOOOO far behind!  Sorry about that!  Let's see, a quick recap of Grouchy life: non-working cars, sick dog, migraine, blah blah blah.....yeah, that was it.  So where are we now? 

        At the moment we all have driveable cars again (yay!) and hubby and eldest son are working diligently to get the shiny red lemon fixed so it's not a lemon, at which point we will sell it.  Eldest son's "old" car has been repaired and he's driving it for work, which is going well.   Also on the driving front, youngest son got his learner's permit, and yesterday I took him on the road for the second time ever.  I'm happy to report that he didn't kill anyone, nor did he cause his old mother excessive angst.  In fact, he did really well - I think he was more nervous than I was, but that's okay! 

        Our old dog, Shyla, is (sadly) not better.  She's been slowly getting worse, and last week we did blood work and x-rays, which showed a suspicious mass in her abdomen.  Right now we're trying to decide which way to go for treatment.  She doesn't appear to be in any pain, thankfully, but we don't know how long that will be true.   The fact that we don't know her true age is making things a bit more complicated as well.  Any prayers for wisdom for us (and comfort for her) would be great right now.  Shyla has been a wonderful dog for our family, and it's hard to see her declining. 

        Thanksgiving....ah, Thanksgiving!  This year was a first for us.  Not only did we stay home for Thanksgiving, we had family come to us, and I prepared my very first holiday dinner!  I feel so adult's a bit scary, actually.   Seriously, I was really nervous about the whole thing.  Jon's parents and his older brother's family were all here, and while I'm not worried about general cooking for groups, cooking Thanksgiving dinner was another story.  I was a turkey virgin, folks - never cooked a bird before in my life.  Let me tell you, those roasting bags are magic.  The turkey came out perfectly, and everything else was yummy too!  I was SO relieved!   :-)   Nobody was hungry, and I didn't have to worry about the in-laws sneaking off to order pizza afterwards either.    

        Now I'm trying to get things organized for Christmas.  I'd say I'm about halfway done with my shopping  (actually, that may be generous...probably more like one-third finished.  Sigh.) and I have some decorations up.   For some reason I'm having a hard time decorating this year.  Usually that's one of my favorite things about the season, but this year I really haven't done much.  I'm not sure if it's  because we've been busy with other things, or that I can't figure out what to do with the new house, or maybe simply that I'm lazy.   The last option is the most likely, but I'm going to choose to believe the first one instead.   It's also been bizarrely warm, even for South Carolina - temps in the upper 60s and low 70s for the last couple weeks.  Somehow hanging snowflakes seems inappropriate when you're wearing capris and flip-flops.  :-/ 

        The weekly Bible study I attend has been fantastic this fall.  Silvia, the leader, is a firecracker - the woman  has such a gift for teaching, plus she has a great sense of humor.  I'm really learning a lot, and loving it all.  Silvia joined us for Thanksgiving dinner and fit in like she'd always been part of our family, which was wonderful.  Her only flaw is that she doesn't like dogs....we're working on that! 

        Otherwise, it's pretty much business as usual.   Laundry and dishes know no holidays (darn it!).  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this holiday season.