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In which I get shot

        Twice, actually!  And lived to tell the tale!  But before anyone freaks out, no, it wasn't gunshots.  I had epidural pain-relief injections yesterday.

        I really didn't know what to expect when I went in to the Pain Center yesterday.  Having never had an epidural with any of my deliveries, I had only the vaguest idea of what that entailed.  I knew the action was all going to be in my back, but beyond that?  Clueless.   Thankfully, the process was quick and only a little uncomfortable.  I got two shots in my lumbar region, one on each side of my spine, with a combination of anaesthetic and a steroid.  The idea is that the anaesthetic provides some immediate relief, while the steroid will hopefully decrease the inflammation in the discs and allow them to start healing.   I'm hopeful that this will be effective, because I'm getting a little tired of hurting! 

        The funniest thing, to me, was what a bad case of jelly-legs I had afterwards!  Apparently that isn't unusual, but it was disconcerting.  I'd think I was walking forward, but my legs kept wanting to go sideways.  Picture the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, just after Dorothy helps him down from his pole, and you'll have some idea of how I looked. 

        Otherwise all is well.  The diet is still progressing nicely - I'm averaging about 2 lbs per week weight loss, which is good.  I still feel really good, too.   Boone is growing like a weed and keeps us all laughing with his puppy antics.  And my mom and sister are coming to visit this weekend!  Yay!  So life is good.  Hope the same is true for all of you.