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Rainy days and Mondays.... not always get me down, although I admit to feeling a bit waterlogged right now!  It's been raining since Friday, and I'm pretty sure there is more to come.  I'm not crazy about the grey skies - I like my sunshine! - but the rain is good for the green stuff.  The trees are all looking happy and my little garden is actually growing too!

        Wait, did I not tell you about my garden?  I haz a garden!  :-)   Well, okay, I haz a little raised bed with a few veggies in it, but for me that's a garden, so I'm happy.  Even though I was raised by gardeners extraordinaire, who planted enough to feed the whole county and somehow never had a "bad year", I've not had the best luck with growing things.  I gave up on house plants for years because I killed them so fast, it was embarrassing.  My few attempts at gardens were.....well, let's just say they did not end well.  But since I've been following the Paleo diet and eating lots more veggies (more on that in a bit!), I decided it was time to give gardening another try.

        Our property here is pretty much all sand and pine needles, so I was fairly sure we'd need to do something to improve the soil - and our chances of growing anything but cactus and more pine trees.  (Seriously, slash pines are everywhere down here!  People worry about zombies, but sheesh, if pines became sentient we'd be in deep doodie!)  After some research and consultation, I asked Jon to build me a raised bed so I could experiment.  I wanted to keep things small-scale this year, given my abysmal track record with gardening, and a raised bed seemed like our best bet overall.   So Mr. Wonderful complied, and I planted, and voila! 

        As I said, it's very - very - small-scale this year.  I have squash, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, and some dill and spearmint started, and that's it.   I love fresh tomatoes, so I have three or four varieties of those, and I've been going through the broccoli like crazy, so I'm hoping it takes off for me.  It would be nice to have enough to freeze for next winter.    My mom would laugh herself sick if she saw it, but that's steps! 

        Now, back to my diet - it is going very, very well.  By my scale, I'm down 18 lbs since mid-January, which makes me super happy.  I've been able to wear clothes that I couldn't last spring and summer, and I just feel so much better.  My blood pressure is back to being perfect, instead of borderline high.   Really, this is more than just a weight-loss plan for's a lifestyle change.  I'm eating healthier than I ever have, and it's something that is absolutely sustainable, unlike so many of the other things I've tried.  I could be stricter and be losing more/faster, but I'm really content with my current rate of loss and how I feel overall.   My back is also improving slowly (gee, ya think getting some weight off could be helping there too?) and I plan to start a modest exercise plan soon as well.   Pretty cool, huh? 

        So that's the latest for me!  Hope everyone out there is doing well too!

Kitchen sink soup

        WOW, I am soooo behind!  Sorry about that.....of course, y'all should be used to me by now, yes?  But still, sorry! 

        Let's see....Mom and Melinda came for a (much too short) visit in February, and we had a blast.  They loved the weather, the house, the palm trees - pretty much everything.  Melinda is very insistent that I need to plant palm trees near the pool.  "For atmosphere, silly!"  Yeah.  Jon's not so sure.  I may compromise with some of those little potted palms, but we'll see.

        Boone-puppy is still growing at an alarming rate.  He's almost as tall at the shoulder as Zeus now, and has crazy-big paws.  He is also extremely enthusiastic in his greetings, which is sweet but can be dangerous if you're not expecting it.  He's big enough now that if he jumps up on the guys to say hello, well, he hits know....there, which makes them very unhappy.  So we're working on not-jumping now.  He's starting to get the idea, but sometimes he just gets so happy he forgets!  Hey, he's a puppy, right?  :-)  Over all he's doing very well, and he is a sweetheart.

        March 19th was our 25th anniversary (crazy, huh?) and Jon and I celebrated by taking a little getaway trip to Savannah.  What a beautiful city - if you've never been, you're missing out.  The historic district is amazing.  We took one of the trolley tours and had a fabulous guide - she really made it fun and interesting.  We could have easily spent an entire week there, there's so much to see and do, but we made good use of our two days and had a great time.

        On the 20th we left Savannah and I proceeded to drive to Melinda's (near Dayton, OH) so I could take her in for oral surgery on the 21st.  It went really well, and we had a great visit, but my stars.....I wasn't sure I was going to be able to walk by the time I got to her house that night.  Construction and accidents on I-77 meant that a stretch which usually takes me about 45 minutes took over two hours.  Not fun.  Thankfully I didn't have that issue on the way home......nooooo, on the way home I got to drive through a winter storm, complete with freezing rain and heavy snow.  In the VW, which is very light-weight and does not have winter tires.  I was ready for Depends by the time I got to clear roads.  :-/ 

        I've been able to spend some time with my torch lately, which has been wonderful.  I really, really missed it!  There's just something so satisfying for me about that whole process.  I want to get as much time in as I can before it gets too hot - there's a window a/c unit in the workshop, but even with that, the combined heat from the torch and kiln will make it unbearable in the summer.  Sooo, I torch now and then make jewelry in the nice, cool house later!  See?  I can so plan ahead! 

        Well, that pretty much covers things for now.   Have a great day, folks!