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It's fall!

        Hallelujah, it's fall!  Finally the temperatures have dipped below 90.  Can I just say how much I love this time of year?  Granted, in South Carolina the seasonal changes aren't as obvious as they are up north, but it's still lovely.  Fall has always been my favorite season - cooler temps, changing leaves, pumpkin bread and apple cider - what's not to love?

        The cooler weather has been especially welcome since we've started in on our second round of home remodeling projects.  We now have new flooring in our kitchen (yay!), new French doors, some revamped wiring, new siding and a repaired and repainted garage door.  Not bad, eh?  There's still more to do, but we're feeling really good about the progress we've made so far.  I think the biggest project still remaining is building a deck off the south side of the house.   Our kitchen is actually an addition off the main body of the house, with windows on three sides and doors on two sides, one facing the pool and one facing the driveway.  The door facing the pool opens out onto the existing deck.  The other door had an extremely rickety porch/wheelchair ramp leading out from it when we bought the house, and it was so bad that we pulled it down.  Since then we've just kept that door locked so nobody accidentally falls out, but obviously we need to put something there.  :-/   It'll be a pain, but we'll get it done!

        The big news since my last post is really the birthdays.  We've hit a couple significant milestones here - oldest son turned 21 in July, and darling husband hit 50!  I bet you can guess who was more excited about their birthday, right?  Yep.....hubby!   (Gotcha!)  Actually, he's excited about his present...... for several years now Jon has been lusting after a Corvette, and when he found an incredible deal on one a few weeks ago, I encouraged him to go for it.  We'll be picking it up in the next few days, and he is one excited dude.  Do we need it?  No, of course not.  Is it practical?  Not really.  Is my darling husband worth it?  YES, a million times over!  The man is like a kid in a candy store.  He cannot wait to bring that car home.  Personally, I'm  getting a huge kick out of his's kind of like when the kids are little and they get up on Christmas morning just beside themselves, you know?  He's giddy!  And adorable! 

        So that's the status of the Grouchy house right now.  Hope everyone is enjoying fall!