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Another goodbye

        Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Zeus.  About 5 or 6 weeks ago we noticed that he wasn't acting like himself and seemed to be losing weight.  Initial tests didn't give us any conclusive answers, but that was the beginning of a steady downhill trend that took him from a bright-eyed, healthy, muscular dog to a skinny, slow-moving shell of himself.  There were many more tests, but eventually the diagnosis was a type of cancer that is essentially untreatable.  We were all heartbroken, but given the speed at which he was losing weight and strength, and the fact that he pretty much stopped eating the last few days, we chose to have him put to sleep.  The whole family went with him, and we were all around him as he closed his eyes for the last time.   It was so hard, and we miss him so very much, but we couldn't stand to watch him getting worse just so we didn't have to let go.   But to not see that sweet face, or feel that gentle nudge when he wanted's going to take a while to get used to that emptiness.   We love you, Zeus.  Be well.



Is that where it went?

        I'm pretty sure that I've spoken before of my love of beads.  There's just something about all those shiny little bits of potential that makes me happy.  And since that's true, I have a lot of those shiny little things in my house, just waiting to be made into something fun, or elegant, or even bizarre, depending on my mood!

      The problem is that since I've been wading through the swamp of depression lately, I've kinda lost my bead-mojo.  All my supplies and tools are there, but I have had zero motivation to do anything with them.  I'd walk over, poke through the piles, move things around, and walk away.  Not the way to get anything done, for sure.

    So, in an attempt to get myself going, I forced myself to sit down and start making something - anything - just to build some momentum.  Surprisingly enough, it worked!  After a few hours of poking and muttering and "No, no, no, that's not what I want!", I actually had a finished necklace.  A necklace I like.  A necklace I can put in my inventory and be reasonably proud to have on display.  

    As with so many other things, once you get started it's much easier to keep going.  I've finished several more necklaces and a couple bracelets since then, and it feels really good to be creative.  Plus, a friend bought a necklace and was sweet enough to be very enthused over my lampwork, which did my little ego a world of good (thanks, Becky!).   My enthusiasm is back, and I'm itching to get to my torch and play with some ideas I've had for more beads and jewelry designs.  I guess my mojo was just hiding in the beads, waiting for me to uncover it again!