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The Prodigal

    Bet you all thought I'd died, didn't you?  Nope, no such thing.  We just moved.  Again.  And oh, how I am hoping and praying that it's the last time!  :-)

    Hubby was offered a position in North Carolina that just suited him to a "T".  He accepted the job and started working mid-July, and by mid-September we'd sold our house in South Carolina, bought one in NC, and moved ourselves, critters and all.   Obviously that is a HIGHLY simplified description of everything that took place during that time period, but the end result is a much happier husband and family.  Jon's really enjoying his job and feels that he's able to be much more effective here.  The kids and I are happy to be in the mountains and a bit closer to family.  I don't know what the pets think, but they seem pretty content too! 

    Of course, there had to be some fun along the way.  On Jon's first day at the new job in NC, I was striding through the front yard of our house in SC with a large "For Sale" sign and a hammer in my hand when I stepped into a hole and went down like I'd been shot.  Suffice it to say that ankles are not meant to rotate or bend like mine did in that moment.  The pain literally left me speechless and gasping for air for a few minutes.  I'm sure passers-by wondered what the crazy woman was doing, lying in the middle of her yard at 8:00 in the morning like fresh roadkill, but nobody stopped.  Once I could speak, I dragged my cellphone out of my pocket (thanking God that I'd grabbed it) and called my boys to come collect my sorry carcass.   They came racing out, horrified at the sight of their mother sprawled in the yard whimpering, and helped me back in the house.  Within half an hour my right ankle was swollen to approximately the size of New Jersey and had already begun to display a range of colors that would have made Picasso proud.  By the next day I had a big, fat, black and green and purple lower leg that didn't feel good at all.  I spent several days with my foot in the air and ice wrapped around it, carefully hobbling from couch to chair, chair to counter....I honestly had no idea a sprained ankle could hurt that much for that long.  In fact, it still hurts off and on. 

    The plus side of that (yes, there really was a plus!) was how amazing my kids were during that time.  Jon came home on weekends, but during the week they kept everything running like pros.  They did yard maintenance, house repairs, errands, packing - you name it, they tackled it and did a great job.  I was so incredibly proud of them. 

    Another huge blessing was how quickly our house in SC sold.  We put it on the market July 14th and had an offer July 26th.  What really tickled us is that the buyers had tried to get the house two years ago, when we bought it, and we'd beaten them to the punch.  They were absolutely delighted to get the property, very sweet to work with, and the whole sale process was smooth as could be.  

    Of course, trying to find a house when yours is under contract tends to light a fire under you, and we were getting a little panicky about the situation.  I'd made two or three trips to NC househunting, and nothing had panned out.  The very first house we saw, I absolutely loved, but at that point we weren't in a position to make an offer and someone else got it.  :-(    We found another place we liked and made an offer, but someone else's was accepted over ours.   Finally our realtor and I set up a marathon day, and it paid off.  Almost everything we looked at that day would have been a reasonable option for us, but the last house of the day was, like Baby Bear's porridge, "just right".  We'd almost decided to skip it because we were exhausted and the listing pictures just weren't that impressive, but as soon as we pulled in the drive we were intrigued.  A walk-through of the house, quick look at the property, and we knew we'd found our place.   (A good piece of advice - don't make a decision based just on the pictures!)  We now have a roomy, story and a half Cape Cod on 6.8 acres, with woods to the rear and beautiful views of the mountains.  There's a huge pole barn for all our projects.  And upstairs, we found not one but two unfinished rooms that are now being turned into Seth's bedroom and a movie/media room.  The kids are thrilled. 

    We're still getting used to our new space - funny how different it is to go from a ranch-style to something with two stories! - but we all really like it.   I've been working on getting my Christmas things out this week, and it just feels like home.  In fact, there's been quite a bit of company through our doors already!   Not to mention that I've made three trips to Ohio since we moved - my sister had major surgery in November and I spent a week with her two different times, then we went to Mom's for Thanksgiving.  It's been crazy, but I'm really happy.  We want to find a good church, so if anybody knows of anything between Statesville and Wilkesboro, NC, let me know.  For today, I'm going to finish my decorating, maybe do some baking, and enjoy being home.