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Making it home

        Spring has sprung here in North Carolina, and as usual, it's inspired me with all sorts of crazy notions about gardening and flowers and spotless houses.  I think I've said before that I am really not good at anything plant-related.  In fact, there have been times as I walked past the plastic plants in the store that I've heard whispers of fear.  :-)  But hey, we live in hope, right?  So I'm trying to find some me-proof bushes and flowers to brighten up our place.  The house and yard are nice, but the previous owners were elderly and apparently spent a great deal of time somewhere else, so there's zero landscaping.  No flowers, no bushes, no nuttin'.....well, there is a row of beautiful crepe myrtle trees along the line between us and the neighbor up the hill, but that's it.  The rest of it is bare, bare, bare.   I'm trying to decide if I want to be brave and plant a little garden too, but the jury is still out on that one.  

    On the other hand, one thing I'm usually pretty good at is painting rooms.  I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes to paint.  There's just something magical about how some color on the walls can completely change the feel of a room.   When we bought this house, everything was vanilla.  Everything.  I knew immediately that would have to change, but what I hadn't expected was how the different architecture of this house would throw off my color-choosing abilities.   Every other house we've owned has been a ranch, with lots of natural light.  This house is a story and a half, and while it has a fair amount of light, it's not the same.  Plus the ceilings are quite high and the style is slightly more structured (formal?), which also throws me.  So there are only two rooms with color so far, and I'm getting twitchy.  There are so many sample patches on the kitchen walls that it looks like a crazy quilt (although I think I finally found my color!  Yay!); there's a splotch of green in the living room that I fondly imagined would be mossy, and instead is boogery; and I'm dealing with an overwhelming urge to paint the master bathroom pale pink, which is COMPLETELY bizarre for me.  I am NOT a pink person. 

    Still, I'm not really discouraged.  The two unfinished rooms upstairs are nearing completion, thanks to my menfolk.  The yard is full of wild violets and strawberries.  And I found an awesome desk on Craig's List to use as a work center for my jewelry-making projects.   Besides, when the people who live in the house are as colorful as my family, what does it matter if the walls are vanilla?  :-)