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        I have color in  my kitchen!!  Yes!!  *insert Stephanie doing extreme happy-dancing*  I don't think it's ever taken me this long to decide on a color for a room, and as I said, the kitchen walls were starting to look like a crazy quilt from all the samples I had in there.  But now - huzzah!  And oddly enough, it was darling daughter's bedroom that provided the inspiration.

        I have a bit of a fixation with citrus colored kitchens.  For the past - oh - 12 years, at least, my kitchens have been yellow, yellow and orange, or lime, and I loved it.  There's just something about those colors in a kitchen that makes me feel happy.  The cabinets in this house, though, have a distinctly orangey tint to them, and none of the  yellows, greens or oranges I tried looked right next to them.  I was getting very frustrated, until the day Faith and I painted her bedroom.

        Darling daughter had decided her bedroom was going to be a bright, oceanic blue.  In fact, the color is called "beach sparkle".  It looked really pretty when we started working, and I thought I'd just slap a little on the kitchen wall for grins and giggles.  I really didn't expect to like it....and I didn't.  

        I LOVED IT.

        Something about that shade of blue brought that room to life.  It's the perfect contrast to the cabinets, it pops against the bright white trim, and looking out to the myriad shades of green outside is so restful.  I painted and rearranged some, and it's like a new kitchen.  Even the kids and husband are delighted with it.  Now I'm really itching to get to the living room and the rest of the house - I think I found my "color mojo" again and I'm bursting with enthusiasm.  (My joints aren't so excited, but that's what I have ibuprofen for, right?)   Vanilla, you're goin' down!