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January 15, 2016



Awww, man - Mom Guilt is some of the worst, most irrational and unfair guilt there is. :(

Standing on the firm ground of complete ignorance, I have the following observation to make: You did and are still doing your best, and it was good.

Know how I know? There was talking, and hugging, and praying.

I know quite a few people whose parents, IMHO, did actually do poorly by them; one of the few things that they all have in common is a LACK of those things. They can't talk to their parents, they don't get or give hugs, and praying is either not a thing at all, or a thing that is approached like going to the dentist. "Ugh, I gotta, but I ain't gonna LIKE it..."

Few things can give a person more courage and confidence than the knowledge that if worst comes to worst and it ALL falls apart, they have the warm embrace and understanding of their parents right in their back pocket. Friends and spouses aren't exactly chopped liver, but your parents, man...not having that support from your PARENTS is like going into battle nekkid and alone.

So! Seems to me like you've given them the best sword and shield to take into battle that you could, mom. Well done. :)

Steph B

Thanks Tama! I needed that bit of encouragement.

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