Things I learned this week

Baby steps

        I can't believe it's already February.  I swear the months are getting shorter or something!  There's been a lot of snotting around  (unfortunately I mean that literally) at Grouchy House this past month or so, but for the most part it's settling down.  Youngest son still has a horrible upper respiratory thing going on, but I'm pretty sure he'll survive. 

        Early on this year I said that I wanted to make some changes.  Some of those things are purely physical - exercise, improve my diet, etc.  Some are more management-oriented, like becoming more disciplined with our spending and such.  And some are mental and/or spiritual areas that will be harder to measure, but just as important.   None of this is easy for me  (duh, if it was easy I'd already be doing it!) but I'm determined to make progress this year.  Not necessarily big things, either.  I'm learning to be pleased with small changes that stick. My natural inclination is to go for the big gesture, dive in the deep end;  problem is, that's hard to sustain.  Better to make two or three small changes that are lasting and go from there. 

        So with that in mind, I started exercising.  (Yay!)  I did not join a gym, or start some regimented routine that takes an hour a day, or decide to climb a mountain this weekend.  Instead, I plopped myself down on our rowing machine and did 5  minutes.  Next day, 6 minutes.  And so on, and so it impressive?  I suppose not.  But you know, I'd a lot rather do 5 minutes every day and keep it up, than to do 50 minutes and then give up.  I can make myself stick with this, and I know that soon enough I'll be able - and willing - to do more.  Baby steps, folks, it's all about the baby steps.  



Row, row, row, your...

Sustainability is good! Yay, you!

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