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It bends

        Yesterday, March 19th, Jon and I celebrated our 28th anniversary.  We had a pretty low-key day (thanks in part to a migraine for me and septic problems for our house), went to dinner in the evening, and sat around listening to music and chatting with youngest son last night.  Nothing dramatic, but we enjoyed it.  

        Of course part of any anniversary is reminiscing, right?  And we did - talked about things we've done in the past, stuff that happened when our kids were little, and so on.  One thing that we agree is kind of strange is our perception of time, specifically the length of our marriage.  On one hand, it feels like we've  been together forever.  Not in a bad way, just - we've been together a lot longer than we were single, you know?  When we look back, it's mostly "us" instead of "me" and "you".   So how is it that it simultaneously feels like no time at all?   There are days when I find myself still a little surprised at the number of years we've shared.

        I will grant that those 28 years have been pretty full.  Lots of moves, three kids born and raised, all sorts of experiences (good and bad) have combined to make time fly.  My theory is a bit more complicated, though.  I think time bends. 

        When you buy a new tv, or lamp, or whatever, you know how the electrical cord comes neatly folded accordion-style?  And then you stretch it out and whoa, it's 8 ft. long!  How did they fit all that cord in that tiny cardboard sleeve?   I think time is like that cord.  No matter what configuration you see, the cord is always the same...just sometimes it looks like there's more of it, and sometimes less.  Some days I look back and see the long stretch of life spread out, and some days I just see the bends and curves, but really it's all the same. 

        I suppose it doesn't really matter, how long it seems to have been.  What matters is that it's been a good - really good - 28 years.  We've had a blast, and we're looking forward to as many more years as God will give us.  Hopefully we'll still be horrifying the kids with our antics in another 20-plus years, chasing each other around with our walkers and having a grand old time.  However time bends, we're going through it together.  I love you, Jon!

A large helping of random

        Hello world!  I've been all over the place the last few weeks  (literally and figuratively) and I decided it was time to write it out.   It's been an interesting time!  Events both good and not-so-good, meeting new people, getting smacked with new realizations....yeah, interesting works.  :-)

        Let's see, I was here last in early February.  So!  I was planning to go to Ohio on the 16th, because my mom was scheduled to have a toe amputated on the 18th.  However, ice storms through the region on the night of the 15th caused me to decide to wait a day, so I wouldn't risk running into nasty roads going through Virginia and West Virginia.   I'm glad I waited, because one of my kids' best buddies had a nasty car accident the morning of the 16th, and I was able to take his mom to the hospital and stay with them through the day.  Thankfully Matt is okay, although let me tell you - talk about God's protection!  He hit a little patch of ice and lost control, spun out and hit a tree head-on.  His car is totaled.  TOTALED.  As in, the wrecker driver told Matt's mom that he was confident the driver of the car was dead.  Matt walked away with a bunch of cuts and scrapes, a few stitches by one eye and a sprained ankle.  We're all still amazed by that.

        The next day I drove to Ohio  (being extra cautious, by the way!) and spent a few days at my sister's place, helping take care of Mom after her surgery and doing some odd jobs around the house.  The surgery went very well, hallelujah, and now we're all making horrible jokes about Mom and her nine toes.  Yes, my family has a strange way of dealing with things like this.  Hospital staff are never quite sure what to think.   Also, my sister has a beautifully painted kitchen now, thankyouverymuch.  :-)

        We found a church a few months ago, and Jon and I finally decided to take the plunge and join a small group Bible study.  We've been going for a couple weeks and I think it's going to be good.  The study is on transformation and I gotta tell you, it's hitting me hard.  We're only on the third week of seven and already I've realized that some of what I thought about certain areas was, if not wrong, certainly incomplete.   It's been eye-opening to say the least.   Funny how God will poke holes in our complacency if we let Him do His thing!   I'm pretty uncomfortable right now, and that's good.  

        Luke (oldest child) is almost through his first year of college, and he is kickin' butt!  I am so incredibly proud of him.  He started later than most because he wasn't sure what he wanted to do, and he just didn't feel ready.  Since he has started, though, he's been doing a fantastic job.  His first semester was a 4.0, and he's on track to do the same thing this semester.  I've been so impressed with how he's just buckled down and really gone after this new experience.  Since we were fairly relaxed homeschoolers, I was a little concerned about how he'd react to lots of deadlines and such, but he's on top of everything.   Plus he's making friends and getting involved with campus student ministry, which is great.  Go Luke!

        Hmmm....I think that covers the highlights.  Spring is coming - there are already daffodils in bloom - so soon the round of yardwork will start again.  Oddly enough I actually like mowing, so I'm ready.  Jon's sister and her daughter and granddaughter are coming for a visit this weekend, which will be awesome (baby snuggles!).  Life is  pretty good right now!