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July 25, 2016



Awww - so sorry to hear you're dealing with the Stress Monster. :(

That sounds like the old "which finger do you want to cut off" question - there is no one "perfect" answer, every possibility has PROS and CONS and they're all in the 'emotional' arena so you can't REALLY just use good old MATH to solve it...so you just end up running-running-running in the mental hamster wheel until you're exhausted and just DONE with the whole mess.

Except you're NOT, because you haven't actually ANSWERED the question. ARGH!!!

Hang tough, sister. I think there will be a burning bush eventually - it's just tough to SEE it through the smoke it throws out. (Only Moses and other saintly-types get the 'clean burning' version, we mere mortals have to fight our way through the choking clouds of smoke to see the flames.)

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