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And then there was more!

        My last post was pretty much one big belly-ache session....and while I'm sure it didn't do anyone else any good, it did help me.  There've been a few changes  (updates?) since then, and I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about most of them.

        Hubby accepted the job with the drastic pay cut.  Yesterday was his first day.  It was quite different - he's been in the auto industry for most of the past 30 years, but this place makes something completely unrelated to cars, and it's kind of blowing his mind.  Good or bad?  Don't know yet, but it's a change.  However, apart from the really big pay cut, the job is also 60 miles away, so we're prepping to sell our house and  move somewhere closer.  Yep, moving again, and not in the direction I want.  :-/

      In fact, right now it looks like going north isn't even a possibility.   A company in MI talked to him last week, but we've heard nothing since.  I admit to being extremely discouraged and disappointed with the whole situation, but I'm praying hard and trying to work on my attitude.  Maybe God is trying to teach me contentment.   (Ugh.)

        Dobby (the little Chinese crested mix) lasted just over a week at his new home and then came back to us.  It seems he doesn't get along with little kids very well.   I was simultaneously happy to have him back and disappointed that it hadn't worked out.  However, the very next day a retired couple showed up to meet him and fell in love.  When they left Dobby was cuddled up to the woman with his little head on her shoulder, and they were both beaming.  The last update I had was positive, so I'm glad he's settled and doing well.  I will say that it's quieter without his stressed-out barking all the time! 

        In early June one of the kids' friends came to stay with us.  The family situation there is - well, not good is the kindest way to put it.  He's had a rough time.  Initially we weren't sure how long he'd be with us, but at this point I think it's safe to say we now have four kids.  :-)   He's 18 and out of school, so there are no legal issues to handle.  He just needed a safe place to stay and some "normal" family interaction.  (Yes, I know there are people who will ask why he's staying with us if he wants "normal", but that IS a relative term!)   He's  integrating well and seems happy to be here - he assures me it's "never boring!"

        A few weeks ago Jon tweaked his back working on cars, and it's been giving him problems ever since.  Last weekend, though, he worked on cars Friday  evening and then went to his brother's house in VA on Saturday (about a 5 hour round trip).  By the time he got home he was in severe pain, and Sunday morning found us in the ER.  After 3 hours of very little action, he was given a couple shots, some pain meds and sent home.  We followed up with our doctor on Monday, who sent him for physical therapy.  Tuesday morning, though, the pain was so much worse that he was beside himself.  He literally was trembling and couldn't hold still,  nor could he walk normally or bear weight on his right leg for more than a few seconds.  I was scared - the only other time I've personally seen someone in that much pain was when my mom had hiatal hernia repair surgery.  It was terrible.  We went to a different ER where he was treated much more quickly and effectively, and given stronger meds.  The doctor there diagnosed him with sciatica. The pain began to increase again throughout Wednesday and Thursday morning, but Thursday afternoon we had another appointment with our doctor who gave him a shot that seemed to finally help him turn the corner.  Since then he's still having some minor pain, but he can move normally and he's able to sleep (the pain was waking him up/keeping him awake).   Last week was his final week at the old job, and he was only able to go to work half a day on Friday.  We were pretty worried he wouldn't be up to starting the new job, but he handled it just fine.  Now I have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't "forget" and do something silly that will aggravate things again. 

        So that's where we stand.  Kind of a mixed bag, I think, which is how life seems to be.  Like I said, I'm trying to let God adjust my attitude.  He'd probably have an easier time of it if I wasn't kicking and screaming!  :-)