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Movin' on up...

        Let's just start with the big news first, shall we?    Everybody ready?  Here we go.....



    Okay, sorry for shouting but I'm just a teensy, eensy bit excited!  Details: as I explained in the last post, hubby had taken a job with a huge paycut just to get away from the Place From H***.   There were no other leads on the horizon, and we figured we were just staying here.   But a job posting popped up in Michigan that seemed like a really great fit, so we sent off an application and waited (without much hope, honestly).  A few days later (mid-September) they called and wanted him to interview later that week.  He came home from the interview lit up like a Christmas tree, talking non-stop and just completely blown away by the whole deal.  A couple days after that we got an email asking for some more information, and then.....nothing.  Silence.  The Void.  We spent a couple weeks trying to be optimistic, but finally admitted that it just wasn't going to happen.   We were pretty bummed.  

    Fast-forward to mid-October, 4+ weeks after the interview.  Jon was walking in the door from work one evening and got a call on his cell from an unfamiliar number, so he didn't answer.  A minute later he got a voicemail notification, though, so he decided to listen to it  (he gets TONS of spam-type calls, for some reason).  Next thing I know, he says, "It's Michigan, I have to go call this guy!" and disappears into the bedroom.   A few minutes later he came out with a shocked look on his face and said, "They're making me an offer!"   And then total chaos erupted!

    We're still not sure why it took so long, and we'll probably never know.  Frankly, we don't care.  The company is good, the offer is good, we'll be able to go back to an area we're familiar with and go to our old's all good.  Things are moving pretty fast - in fact Jon starts Monday.  The rest of us will be here until the house sells (eeeeeek!).  We're hoping that happens quickly.  Then we find a house in Michigan, and voila!  We're Yankees!   We're all really, really happy about this.   I will admit that moving to Michigan in the winter is going to be ....ah....challenging, perhaps?  That's okay, we'll just have a reason to pull out those flannel sheets again!  

    In other news, my mom is selling her house to move in with my sister.  It's been coming for a while, but when she finally decided to do it, WOW did she roll!  She told Melinda the last weekend in September that she was finally ready to sell, and today the moving trucks took her stuff to Melinda's.  We all think it's going to be a good thing for Mom, but it is definitely a huge change.  Mom and Dad bought that house 50 years ago this month, when I was just a little over 1 year old, and they've been there ever since.   That's a lot of memories.   So if you could, spare a thought for Mom as she's dealing with this.  Even though it's the reasonable/sensible/"right" thing to do, it's still hard.  But we'll only be about 3 hours away, which is the closest we've been in over 25 years!  Yeah!  

    So lots of changes in the works right now, but they're all good.  Maybe we'll even get lucky and be moved before Christmas!