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How do I sell this?

            I almost don't believe I'm saying this, but here goes.....I'm looking for a job.

        Actually, I don't want to believe I'm saying it.  It does not thrill me even a little.  But hubby's been working his tail off for 25 years so I could stay home with the kids, and now it's time for me to pitch in.  I'm just looking to pay off a couple things and build up the ol' savings a little, that's all, but lawdy does this freak me out! 

        Allow me to share a little secret with you, dear reader: I am scared to death of going to work.  Scared. To. Death.  My (miniscule) work history was pretty negative, and at this point in my life I honestly don't know what sort of job I can even reasonably pursue.  I have chronic back problems that rule out heavy lifting or prolonged standing, so that's limiting.  My degree is 30 years out of date.  I don't have any exceptional skills.  What the heck can I do?

        I am admittedly restricting myself somewhat in other ways - for example, I don't want a job that will force me to miss church.  Nor do I particularly want to babysit or work in a childcare facility.  I've raised my three, and as much as I love them, I do not want to revisit those years with anyone else's kids.  (Grandkids will obviously be the exception someday!)  Still, there are a fair number of jobs out there that I'm capable of doing.  Maybe.

        The real kicker is the "experience" section of the applications.  After being out of work for 25 years, how do I even begin to fill that in?  Oh, sure, I could spin my mom skills lots of ways (experienced crisis mediator, search and rescue, short-order cook), but employers seems to want more verifiable experience.  Telling them to call my kids isn't going to fly.  I honestly don't know how to handle this part of the process.

        Still, I think I need to do this somehow, so I'm plugging away at it.  I've put in several applications this week, and I'm pursuing doing more craft shows.  Hopefully I'll find something soon that I can do without having a nervous breakdown, and we'll start seeing a little more fat in the bank accounts.  Seriously, though, this is really scary for me, so any good thoughts or prayers are much appreciated!