Movin' on up...
Still waiting

My least favorite part

        The thing about moving a lot is that you begin to anticipate how things are going to go.  If you're excited about the move, it's something like  elation, panic, depression/anxiety, more panic, relief, and finally peace.  Right now we're in the depression/panic stage, and it's just about as much fun as you'd expect.  That's the stage when your house is listed for sale but you haven't had any offers yet, and you're trying to keep everything super clean and tidy so the place is ready for showings.  Every showing is like a blind date  (will they like me? Or not?) and you just want to get it over with and have someone MAKE AN OFFER ALREADY!   But there's the fear that you won't get the offer you want/need, and then you start to panic because ohmygosh, what if we wind up living in the cars because we can't afford a house and wow it's cold in Michigan this time of year and....yeah.  My experience is that selling a house can bring out some really irrational concerns, and this time is no exception.  This is definitely my least favorite part of the moving process.

        I did get to go visit my hubby this past weekend, which was great!  Darling daughter and I drove up last Thursday and stayed till Monday.  We had a blast just hanging out and being goofy.  Jon and Faith got their annual Christmas shopping trip in, we got to see some old friends, went to church was good.  Kind of made it hard to come back, though!    It even snowed while we were there, which made me and Faith both very happy.  :-)   Jon wasn't as thrilled, oddly enough.

        So we're waiting and trying to be patient and optimistic.  Hopefully someone out there wants a place just like this one, and will show up soon.  In the meantime I'm spending a lot of time looking at houses for sale in Michigan and dreaming about us all being back together.  It will come!



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