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Where I stand

Still waiting

        Well, we're still sitting in North Carolina, me and the kiddos.  Jon's been in Michigan since mid-November, working away at the new job; meanwhile we clean house obsessively and pray for a buyer.  We had a rush of showings around New Year's weekend, but nothing since.  (Of course the 7" of snow we got last Friday and Saturday might have something to do with that!)  I'm really trying to not be whiny about this, but doggone it, I want to be with my hubby!!  :-(    We all feel like we're on standby, and it's driving us nuts.   

        My mom has an offer on her house, which is great.  We're praying everything goes smoothly for her....given that it's been 50 years since her last home-buying/selling experience, she's a little nervous!   Everything looks good so far though.   They're getting used to the new living arrangements.  Melinda's dogs are loving it, for sure - Mom spoils them rotten and they know how to work her.  :-)  

        That's about all the news here right now.  I'm praying we'll have a buyer SOON.  In the meantime, we clean! 



Lissa Kadlec

Praising God for the offer on your Mom's house, Steph, and her smooth transition into Melinda's house. That's great news!

Also I'm praying hard that your house will sell quickly, and that you and Jon can be together like you are meant to be!

Hang in there... God has it under control! Hugs!! Mel

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