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The deadline approacheth!

        It's Saturday, March 4th, 2017, and I am a happy camper because by Thursday March 16th we will be in MICHIGAN!!  Yeah!!!  We have a buyer here and everything has gone quite smoothly  (thank You Lord!); we found a great house in MI, where things have also gone smoothly (thanks again); and we are ready to GO.   One of the blessings with this job is a very nice relocation package, which includes someone else doing all the packing and loading/unloading.  That is HUGE.  When professional packers come in, they just pack.  There's no "Oh, that's where that was!"  or "Hey, look what I found" or any of that.  They pack.  Granted, if you don't go through and do some sorting and purging ahead of time then you may find some - ah - interesting  things in your boxes, but they get it done soooooo much faster and more efficiently.  It's a wonderful thing, and it removes so much stress for me.  We can take as long as we want to unpack, but we don't have to worry about this end of it.  I love it. 

        The new house is really cool and quite different from anything else we've ever owned.  For starters, it's a true two-story rather than a story and a half, like this house.  There's a full unfinished basement just begging to be used.  There are front and rear covered porches - the front porch wraps partway around one side of the house, and the back porch is nice and deep.  And there's a tower.   Yes, really!  An adorable two-story Victorian type tower on one corner, which gives the place so much character.   Faith immediately claimed the upstairs tower room for herself, and I don't blame her.  It's a very welcoming house, if that makes sense.  I'm really excited to get in and start decorating and having friends over.   Bonus?  It's less than 10 miles to work for Jon.  Yay!!!  

        The only real downside to the property is that there isn't an outbuilding, but we'll take care of that in time.  We were actually kind of surprised by how few of the places we looked at had decent outbuildings....lots of tumble-down barns, but that was about it.  As always, househunting was quite the experience - we looked at places that we could barely get to through the muddy, potholed roads; houses with rooms that were too tiny to be useful as anything but closets, yet they were listed as living space; and my personal favorite, what could have been a really nice ranch house that was full - FULL - of taxidermy and had apparently been decorated by someone with a bizarre love of Spanish architecture and very poor taste.   There was a stuffed badger with a hand-painted sign over its head that read "Don't give a s***".   Really.  The look on our realtor's face as we went through that one was priceless.  I could tell she was horrified by both the house and the fear that I might actually like the place, and she'd have to pretend it was cool.  I wanted to string her along but I just couldn't keep a straight face.   

        So, in 12 days we'll all be northerners again, and we're very excited.  I'm really eager to see what this move will bring into our lives - there's always something!  Michigan, here we come!



I am so overjoyed for you and your family! Let the new adventures begin!
Love, Mel

Heidi Dedmon

I am beyond happy for you..will certainly miss our *coffee* breaks though. .praying for all to go smoothly :)

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