The deadline approacheth!
Spring, sprang, sprung

Third time's the charm!

         I am sitting in our new house, looking at a gorgeous sunset out the living room windows while my Frodo-pup snoozes beside me.  Content?  You betcha.  It feels like home here, and that feels good. 

     We closed March 17th and the truck with all our stuff arrived on the 18th.....and oy, do we have stuff!  It got a little crazy at times, trying to figure out just where everything should go, but all the major things are settled (at least for now) and we're slowly working through the "secondary" boxes.    And if anyone needs any cardboard boxes, let me know!  We have a few to spare (but just a few!).  

     The guys managed to get a great deal on a bunch of used chain-link fencing, complete with posts, etc., and last weekend the dog yard went up.  The dogs are very intrigued by all the different sounds and smells here, as well as the tiny stream that runs through the back yard.  There's a lot of wildlife here too - deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, sandhill cranes - it's been fun to watch for critters in the woods around the house.  

      One of the best things (if not the very best!) is the fact that we can be part of our old church, Ore Creek Community Church.  We love OC3 and it was pure joy to be back with them again.  We've been amazed at how smooth the reintegration has been - it's almost like we never left.  As we get more settled we'll be diving back in and getting re-involved.

        When I was here visiting Jon before we got the house, I was chatting with a friend at church and I mentioned that this is actually our third time moving to Michigan.  Val's answer was "Third time's the charm, right?  You better be staying this time!"   I've learned that it's safer to not make absolute statements about these things, but I sure hope we stay a long, long time.  


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