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Spring, sprang, sprung

        Ah, spring in Michigan!  The showers, the flowers, the unforeseen snow flurry....kidding!  We're actually enjoying a very nice spring.  We have had a lot of rain - in fact, we wondered if some of the local farmers were going to switch to growing rice and cranberries - but temperatures have been mild and everything is blooming.   When we first moved into this house all the trees were bare, and you could see for quite a distance through the woods.  That is no longer true!  Now when I look out our bathroom window (second floor) it's like I live in a treehouse.  Just beautiful shades of green, everywhere I look. 

        Two things that make me (possibly unreasonably) happy about this place are the wild violets scattered all through the property, and the five - 5! - beautiful lilac bushes around the house.   Wild violets are probably my favorite flower.  They were plentiful around the house in NC, but I'm still happy to see them here.  There's just something about seeing them that makes me smile.  I also love lilacs, which don't do well in the south (too hot).   Crape myrtles are pretty but they don't have much scent.  A blooming lilac outside your open window in the spring is a wonderful thing. 

        Of course, into every beautiful spring a bug must come, and this time it came to see me.  For over a week now I've been enjoying a severe sore throat, sinus pressure and congestion, and ears that are blocked so badly I can't hear the phone when it's right beside my head.  :-/   At first I just assumed it was a normal cold, but after some not-so-normal symptoms I made my way to an urgent care. Diagnosis?  Sinus infection and a double ear infection.  Yay, me!   Antiobiotics ensued and the misery is slowly (slooooowly) decreasing, but WOW do I want to be able to hear again.   This is super frustrating.  Also, I have now reached the stage where for no apparent reason I suddenly begin coughing uncontrollably, to the point that things get - well - embarrassing.  Yeah.  SO not cool.   So I'm really hoping and praying that this goes away.  SOON. 

        Otherwise life is good!  My sister and her hubby finally - after 4 years of searching, bidding, being refused/outbid, etc. - found a house that they love.  Everything has gone incredibly smoothly so far, to the point that it's obviously God moving it along.  Melinda is beyond excited.  It's a big old brick house in the country, with a bed/bath combo on the first floor for Mom, and plenty of room for their antiques business and maybe even a couple little goats.  :-)  I'm super happy for them;  it has been an incredibly frustrating and drawn-out process to get to this point, but it looks like it's been worth the wait.

        So that's what's going on here.  Hope everyone else is seeing some springtime sunshine!      



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