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        I can't believe it's 2018 - and almost March!  Wow!  It feels like we've been really busy, but I can't say that it's actually been much different from the usual.  I guess with all our different schedules it just seems busy.  Sometimes I wonder if we should install a revolving door, but nobody else seems to be on board with that idea.  :-/

        Subbing is going very well.  I feel much more prepared and less anxious now when I go into a classroom, and I'm working often enough that a number of the kids (and staff) recognize me now.  In fact, I realized some time ago that I actually like my job!  I'm still slightly surprised by that, honestly; my previous work experience didn't leave me with a very optimistic outlook on working.  Yet here I am, answering with an enthusiastic "Love it!" when someone asks me how the job is going.  Stranger still, the junior highers are my favorites, hands down.  Of course some of them are sassy and obnoxious, but the majority are funny and bright and a real hoot to be around.  Crazy, huh?

        Let's see, what else has happened? I just spent a few minutes looking over my, am I behind!   Soooo....we've been a three dog family for quite some time, but Faith and I were getting the puppy itch again.  Jon fought valiantly, but eventually  (some might say inevitably) he broke down and agreed to a fourth dog.  We decided we wanted a larger breed so Clive would have someone his size to play with - he's getting chubby, and he just bowls poor Boris the Boston over.  We searched for at least two  months to find a puppy that we felt would be a good fit for us, that didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Two or three times we thought we'd found one, then something would go south.  Finally one morning Jon found an ad for Lab/mastiff mix puppies about an hour away from us.  He and Faith went that day and brought home a 6-week-old male that we named Ferb.  (I do NOT recommend taking pups away from mom before 8 weeks, which is how old we thought they were.  We didn't want to let him get away, though!)  Ferb majestic
He has been an absolute riot, right from the start.  He has a very sweet personality, LOVES people, and gets along great with the other dogs - in fact, he and Clive are best buddies now.  The one drawback to Ferb is that we may have to get a saddle for him by the time he's full-grown.  This boy is going to be BIG.  At 6 weeks he weighed 6.9 lbs; at 15 weeks, it was 33.4.   His paws are as big as my hands, and his legs are just massive.  Obviously we're working hard on good manners!   He's a smart guy, thankfully, and extremely food motivated, which makes training easier.   It's been fun having a puppy again.

        There's been plenty of other stuff going on, but I'll stop here for now.  Hope everyone is having a good 2018 so far!!




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