Chugging along
Settling down

The ride's still moving

        I remember, when my kids were little and daily life was just total chaos, thinking that life would surely get easier as they grew up...or at least that the pace would slow down a bit.   Yeah, it makes me laugh now too.   How blissfully (willfully?) ignorant I was back then.  

        The biggest twist on the ride of life since February?  Jon got a new job and we moved.  Again.  I know, I know - believe me, I'm ready to stay put for a while too!   This has been nothing but good for all of us, though.  The job Jon had that brought us back to MI very quickly became unpleasant and progressed to downright nightmare.  Without going into detail,  it was bad enough that it was having an impact on Jon's health, not to mention his emotional well-being.  But God did big things.  A former colleague called Jon about an opening with a company that sounded almost too good to be true.   After going through the interview process, we were pretty excited....and they offered the job to another candidate.   However, the guy was apparently so terrible to deal with right off the bat that they rescinded his offer and came back to Jon, hat in hand, to ask if he'd still like the position.   And now?   Now my husband is working for a company that values integrity and ethics, takes care of its people,  and sets realistic goals.  He's the happiest he's been in years, and it shows.  The drive from where we were living (just east of Lansing) was much too far, though, so we relocated to the little town of Ortonville,  and here we are!  

        Our new house is awesome and will be perfect for us long term - main floor master, main floor laundry, etc.  There are two ponds on the property, so we've been watching ducks and turtles and the occasional blue heron.  The fish will follow you as you walk around the pond, because the previous owners fed them.   Jon and the guys shoot baskets most nights after work. There's a huge shop (even has a second floor!) for all our tools and gadgets.  Faith has kittens again.  Are you picking up on the fact that I really like this place?  Because I really, really like this place.  Feel free to come visit!

        I'm planning to sub again this year, hopefully.  There are also a TON of small craft shows and art festivals around that I'd like to get into.   Seth pulled out my torch and supplies for me yesterday and I actually lit Sparky up for the first time in far too long.  It felt really good.   I'm still in the process of getting everything organized, so it will be a little bit, but the beads are calling me.  :-)

        Ferb is ginormous now - he's 9 months and roughly the size of a small horse.  Fortunately he's still a big, sweet dork of a dog.  His favorite thing to do is pick up a toy in his mouth and chase the other dogs around with it.  We were able to fence in a larger area for the pups, so they go outside and run circles to their hearts' content.   Clive is particularly interested in the ducks - I'm not sure if he wants to chase them, or if he's just offended that they're in "his" pond.  

        The one little cloud in our sky right now is that we still need to sell our other house.  Prayers for that would be much appreciated!  Two mortgages is not a good thing.  We just couldn't pass up this place, though, it's so perfect for us. 



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